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Will Eating Fruit Make Me Fat?

“This morning I had a apple…will that make me fat?”

“I heard I shouldn’t eat fruit because it makes you fat.”

“Sugar is bad so I don’t eat fruit, and it doesn’t matter if it’s natural or not.”

Do any of those sound familiar? Those are just a few of the statements and questions I get from clients and subscribers regarding fruit and whether or not it makes you gain fat.

I understand where it comes from. Fruit is loaded with sugar. That’s basically all fruit is; sugar, water and vitamins, and a little fiber depending upon which fruit you eat.

And as we all know sugar is bad, right.

Sugar is evil.

Sugar and the devil are best buddies.

But does that mean that fruit is bad? Should you avoid fruit if you want to lose fat?

In short…NO!

You absolutely, positively, without a doubt, MUST eat fruit if you want to lose fat. Not only if you want to lose fat, but you MUST eat fruit if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fruit has so many good attributes that it should never be taken out of your daily diet.

I really have no idea why so many so-called “experts” tell you to avoid fruit if you want to lose fat.

The average piece of fruit is around 60-70 calories. Extend the math further and let’s say you aim for 5 servings of fruit a day. That equals roughly 300-350 calories per day from fruit. Do you really think that is going to make you gain fat?

And that’s if you get 5 servings a day, which the overwhelming majority of people don’t.

Personally I get at least 4 servings of fruit in with breakfast with my homemade smoothies that consist of lots of berries and real fruit juice, on top of some protein and flax.

Most days I also eat a couple more servings in the morning, giving me 6 servings of fruit before lunch and I’m not overweight. Not even close.

And yes I even eat bananas, which are supposedly the worst of the worst.

Fruit will not make you gain fat.

Never has and never will.

You NEED to eat lots of whole, raw fruit on a daily basis.

However that doesn’t mean you need to go all fruit bonkers and begin adding that much if you currently eat 0.  Start by adding an apple a day.  It’s low in calories and loaded with vitamins not to mention about 5 grams of fiber.

Then once that becomes habit, add another serving, and another, and another, until within a few weeks you’re consuming lots of fruit on a daily basis.

Don’t worry, you won’t gain fat because of it. You’ll probably have lost fat because you replaced a bad food for a good, fat fighting food.

So eat up! Your body will thank you for it in more ways than one.

Have a great day!


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