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Which Diet Is Best For Weight Loss?

It was Monday.  These questions always come on Monday…this is not a's a way of life and about nutrition

“Alright dude, I have a question.”

That’s what I was met with a few weeks ago when one of my long-time, and quite awesome, clients came strolling through the door.

It also just so happened to follow a weekend of tailgating, which lead to bloating and the all-too-common saying, “I will NEVER eat like that again!”

Know the feeling?

Anyway, back to his question…

“Which diet is best?  Does Atkins work?”

Me: “Yes, it works…but do people still talk about Atkins?”

Client:  “what about drinking protein shakes a couple times per day instead of eating?  Will that work?”

Me:  “Yes, but it depends where you get them.  Those meal replacement shakes are often filled with junk.  Carb fillers, crappy protein sources, dead vitamins and minerals, etc. and that’s why a lot of people get bloated, constipated or other nasty ‘treatment effects.”

Client:  “What about something like Weight Watchers?”  Does that work?

Me:  “Sure.”

Client:  “Dammit Ed!  You’re not helping.  I thought you’d tell me about something being total crap, how it’s a fad and will never work or something.”

Now that’s different.

Here’s the secret…

ALL diets work.  Atkins, Paleo, Warrior, Sugar Busters, the diet centers, protein shakes, even those god-awful HCg shots, and the endless spawns that industry has produced; all of ‘em work.

Every.  Single.  One.

This is proven every single day, and science even backs some of them. Remember when that professor from Kansas State did his “Twinkie Diet?”  He lost weight, and his blood profile even improved a bit.

Are they sustainable?

Depends.  It depends what the diet is based on.  If it’s based on silliness, then its viability longer than a month or two is nil (this includes the pregnancy-pee-hormone).

If the diet requires a lot of extra “stuff,” it won’t work for long – meaning trips to an office to buy boxes of powdered, pre-packaged shakes, or bottles of pills bought online or at your local meathead store (those that claim to have found ‘the best diet pill since ephedra!’).

Here’s another little secret…

Much of your success depends on you as an individual.

For instance, my favorite lunch is a big salad full of spinach, chopped broccoli, chunks of cheese, a sliced boiled egg or two, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds and/or chunks of chicken breast and a vinaigrette dressing (my favorite dressing is the awesomeness that is Dorothy Lynch, which only my Nebraskan buddies have the ability to get fat on).

That type of lunch keeps my energy levels as high as my 5-year old’s never-ending motor.

My favorite breakfast, that I have most days of the week, is a homemade smoothie full of berries, some type of fat source and high-quality whey protein.

I function best when having a couple apples mid-morning, but that doesn’t hold true if I have them later in the afternoon – I try to get most of my fruit in the first half of the day.

I function horribly when I’ve eaten grains the previous day – it doesn’t matter if it’s a sandwich on whole wheat, or donut.  I have zero energy and don’t like the way I feel.

The same holds true if I happen to have something high in sugar relative to its content of protein and fat.  I feel HORRIBLE and want to take a nap.

You may be different.

You may hate breakfast and function fine without it…and that’s fine, even though experts like myself will often tell you otherwise (I have a specific reason for this that will be discussed later…)

You may function better with a smoothie at lunch, or even something like all-natural yogurt mixed with granola and blueberries.

You may not need/want a snack in the middle of the afternoon, and that’s fine too.

You may find that getting 4 servings of fruit in a day doesn’t sit well with you – this means “real” fruit, not fruit canned in syrup or any of that nonsense.

You may find you function quite awesomely with a Carb Rotation plan that alternates between days of low carb, high carb and medium carb.

You may find that your body is quite capable of having a beer every evening with no ill will paid to your waistline or man-boobs for the fellas or flabby tummy for the ladies; or you can be like me and when you have a beer your stomach wants to reach up through your throat and punch you in the face, repeatedly, every time you have a beer.

My point in all this is that everyone, for the most part, is an individual and “hard” rules do not always apply.

There are exceptions – trans fat, processed carbs and most grains, to name a few, but most of it is based on YOU.

Here’s the kicker, and where you may get mad at me just like my client.

In order to figure out what works for YOU, you must first become strict…

…Like super-strict.

Don’t know how grains react in your body?  Remove them for 2-3 weeks, then have a sandwich.  If you feel like hell, you probably shouldn’t be eating grains on a regular basis.

Don’t know how your body responds to things like milk, or other types of dairy?  Remove ‘em and try after a couple weeks.

Don’t know what your body truly feels like when you stick to a high quality diet?  Then make a point to go crazy and be super-strict with eating, and drinking, only REAL foods and drinks for 2-4 weeks and evaluate.

Does that make sense?  Do you hate me for my vague statements?


… but not really.

Here’s what I do with my clients when first starting out with a new diet…

I put them on a pretty strict nutrition plan, but that does allow for cheating in order to keep their sanity and ensures they will actually stick with it for the allotted time frame.

I usually go with 4 weeks, but you can do it for 3 if you’re wigged out…the absolute least is 2 weeks.

If you’re unwilling to stick to a strict nutrition program for 2 weeks, that is actually based on REAL food, and allows you to keep your sanity, then you’re not truly ready for a change.

I also ask them to keep a Food Journal that includes what they ate, how they felt before/after they ate, and their workouts.

I want them to take the time to write things down so they can look back and discover some things about themselves, and to help me evaluate our progress.

That is the easiest way to figure out what will work for YOU.

Here’s what I want you to do next …

If you want to take this advice to heart and be “strict” for a short period of time to figure out what your body likes, doesn’t like and also lose a bunch of weight, then you should definitely check out my 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge.

It’s strict, but very doable.

It’s tough, but also simple.

You may hate me, but if you stick it out you will lose fat…maybe even lots of it.

You may not feel great the first couple days, but that largely depends on how you’re currently eating.  If your current way of eating is pretty poor, then you will suffer a bit that first week; but you will love the way you feel at the end of the month.

It’s simple.

It’s difficult.

It’s not for everyone.

It will work.

It will make you look and feel YEARS younger.

You will lose fat and boost your energy at the same time.

You will work, but you will love the results.

It’s not for everyone, but could very well be what you NEED right now.

Click that link over there to discover all the awesomeness that comes with it and get rolling today –> Click Here For The 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge

Talk to you soon!


P.S. – One more thing… I answered a couple questions over on the bloggy blog last week and didn’t tell you about them.  One was about solving the night-time eating problems that plague so many people and another was about the best way to get better looking arms.  To see my wonderfully, awesome answers, click here –> Friday Q&A Session

P.P.S. – If you’ve already purchased the 28-Day Challenge I will be emailing you within the next few weeks with something awesome.  I’m creating a second diet to go along with the workouts.  This new diet is similar…yet different.  It’s still strict, but it’s different enough that it will give you two options to follow.  I know that’s vague, but I don’t want to give away too much 🙂  It will be awesome and it does work, and you are now going to have two diets to choose from, along with the awesome workout program!  –> Click Here For The 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge

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