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What’s The Easiest Diet Tip I Can Give?

Hey Hey!

So I learned a few new things today.

First, I learned that 70% of people hate talking on the phone in front of other people.  I don’t know who those 70% are, but I must encounter the remaining 30% every time I go to Target.  Never understood the people who just wander around browsing with a cell phone plastered to their head, while saying “uh huh” every few seconds.  Seriously?

Second,  I learned a recent study found women to be better at parking cars than fellas.


And last, but certainly not least, I learned taking a quick nap after learning something new strengthens your memory.

Well, you just learned 3 new things so you have my permission to now take a nap.

Once you wake up, be sure to read today’s edition of Fat Loss Q&A!

First up we have Dan with a diet question…healthy smoothies

Q:  “What’s the easiest diet tip you could give?  What one thing can you tell me to help improve the way I eat?” – Dan

A:  Sheesh, nothing like painting me into a corner there, Dan.

One tip…hmm…how’s about this.

Focus on eating a good lunch.

I know you have been told for years and years and years…and years to focus on breakfast, and that is pretty important, but I’m going to switch it up and tell you to focus on lunch.

Many people flub lunch.  They skip it, which leads to poor eating decisions later on.  They go out to eat with friends or co-workers, which will either lead to eating too much, or rationalizing a poor quality food because it seems “healthy” and then needing some quick carbs in the afternoon for an energy boost, or making poor decisions come dinner time.

The toughest part of most people’s day is afternoon and early evening.  You’ve been up and at ‘em for a number of hours, your energy is starting to dwindle, which will leave you in search of something quick and easy to pep you up.

Add to that the fact that most people don’t just head home in the late afternoon or early evening and hang out.  Many people have other things going on – kids’ practices, workouts, kids’ school activities, etc., etc.

That all ends up to more poor eating decisions.

However when you put your focus on eating a high quality lunch, your energy levels stay elevated, your appetite stays satisfied longer, and those two things make it easier to make good eating decisions later on.

Easy enough?

Thanks Dan!

Q: “I really want to lose weight, but don’t know where to put my focus first.  Should I find the right workout program or diet?  I’ve messed this up so many times in the past and don’t want to screw up anymore.” – Sheila

A:  First, congratulations on wanting to make a permanent change and doing things right.

That is a huge, and very important, step.

When making this decision you need to not get too bogged down in the details or you will fall prey to “paralysis by analysis.”  Don’t seek out the “perfect program,” because there’s no such thing.

Next, you have to know what you really want.

Do you simply want to “lose weight,” or do you want to lose FAT and have a nice shape?

If you just want to lose weight, and have no real cares or concerns for how your body looks – both in clothes and out – then simply eating less, or focusing on diet alone will get you to your goal.

If that’s your goal, then a workout program isn’t going to really matter…

…but I’m willing to bet that you do care about how your figure looks.  You want nicer arms, flatter stomach, toned and strong legs, right?

Don’t skip this step.  You have to truly KNOW what you want to accomplish.

You then need to figure out how much time you are willing to devote to workouts on a regular basis.

Be honest.

Don’t say you have 30 minutes every day when you may only be able to squeak out 30 minutes 2 or 3 days per week.

If you have to make time, then make it.  Good things often come through a little sacrifice…but it won’t hurt for long because you’ll find out you didn’t need that extra stuff anyway.

Do you want to belong to a gym or do it from home?  (I vote for skipping the gym…)

Do you have a support team?  This doesn’t have to be a cheering section, but do your loved ones have your back?  Do you trust them enough to remind you not to eat Cheeto’s in the evening?  Are they strong enough to slap your hand when you reach for the sticky buns?

Then, when you have those basics covered, you should seek out a way of eating and workout program that fits what you want.

You sound like you’ve tried and failed in the past so you should have a pretty good idea on the things you do and do not like.

My bias answer is to try this program, or this brand spankin’ new program (hint…click those links!)

I would also choose a program that’s a bit more intense in the beginning, then tapers off after a week or two.  The benefit of that is that the program is toughest when you’re the most excited and willing to commit.

This also allows for quick results, which keeps your motivation up and your willingness to continue will be higher.

That’s an important step.  If your willingness to continue, and motivation, stays elevated then you will keep going when the times get tough…and they will get tough.  You will fail, you will stumble, but the important thing is how you respond to those stumbles and failures.

Oh and don’t rely on cardio for your weight loss.

Cardio sucks, especially if you don’t have much time to commit to workouts.

Work your body and your body will thank you in the form of a rockin’ figure.

And make sure whatever diet you choose is based in reality and not la-la land where everything is packaged, including treats and desserts, and that it relies on REAL FOOD.

Sound cool?

Don’t forget to check those links I mentioned.  They’re pretty awesome 🙂

Okay thanks Dan and Sheila!

I’ll talk to you soon, and don’t forget to let me know if you have any questions.



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