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Weekend Bodyweight Workout and Easy Nutrition Tip

I wanted to end out your week by sending you one of my favorite bodyweight workouts as well as a simple nutrition tip to help save you from your weekend guilt trip – you know what I mean, the saying of “I’m done eating like this, starting today I’m eating clean.”

I know people who go through that thought process on a routine basis.  They start the weekend off excited as a 2 year old chasing a frog (which happened to Maren this week), saying “Oh it’s just one day” or “I’ve worked hard all week, I deserve this” then Sunday night or Monday morning rolls around and the guilt trips start flooding in.

That doesn’t have to be the case.  It’s okay to relax your eating and workout habits on the weekend, but don’t totally throw them out the window…just ease up a bit.

Which is where this post comes in.  The bodyweight workout only takes 10 minutes (maybe less if you’re a little more advanced) and the nutrition tip is so ridiculously simple it takes no willpower to put into action.

The workout is a Push-up and Squat Ladder.  It’s one of my favorite bodyweight workouts because it hits pretty much every muscle in your body and is quite deceiving in its difficulty plus it can be done anywhere since there’s no need for equipment.

Start off by doing 1 push-up, then stand up and do 1 squat.  Get back down on the floor and do 2 push-ups, immediately followed by 2 squats and keep climbing up the ladder going back and forth like that until you reach 8 or 10 (10 if you’re pretty good at push-ups and 8 if you’re not so good).

Don’t let the low numbers of 8 or 10 fool you because if you did the math in your head, you’d realize that you’re doing a lot of push-ups and squats – but I know you can do it.

I actually found this old video I did going over this bodyweight workout (I forgot about the video…I need to be a little more energetic in my videos, huh!), so if my explanation doesn’t make much sense maybe the video will:

The nutrition tip is simple.  Before you sit down to eat lunch and dinner, eat a serving of vegetables or a fruit that’s high in fiber.

For example, have broccoli, an apple, raspberries, a pear or even some blueberries. Eat a serving of 1 or 2, wait a few minutes and dig into your meal.

The fiber won’t allow you to eat as much, plus because you’ve got some food in your belly you’ll think twice about what you’re eating or drinking.

All those things will lead to fewer calories consumed, even if you’re relaxing your normal eating habits and having some cheat foods.

Easy, but very powerful.

Have an awesome weekend and don’t forget I’m here for you if you ever have any questions.


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  • Ed Scow, aka 'The Fit Dad'

    Thanks for the comment and for letting me know the link didn’t work, Aaron. It should be fine now.

    And holy cow, I haven’t watched that video in a while…monotone Ed! At least I know I’ve come a little bit farther in my video skills since then…although I’ve still got a ways to go.


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