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Weekend At Bernies Nightmares and Sore Abs?

Last night I dreamt I was in the movie Weekend At Bernie’s.

I find that odd and kind of frightening.  Most movies are flat out implausible, but this one was just weird, even though it was kind of funny the first 5 or 10 times I saw it.

Honestly, how stupid is the plot?  Your boss wants to kill you because you’ve uncovered some money-stealing program, but then he ends up getting killed by the people who were supposed to kill you.

Rather than call the cops, you decide that it would be more fun to pretend that his rotting carcass is still alive and try to have the weekend of your life…while trying not to be killed yourself.  What the hell?

Anyway, frightening as that is, I woke up and was pretty sore due to yesterday’s workout.  That made me feel good and wiped away all the nasty feelings of dreaming I was in Weekend At Bernie’s.

Why am I sore?  Better question…why are my abs sore even though I didn’t do a single crunch, or any other “abs exercise”?

The reason is I stepped up the intensity of my workout yesterday.

I’ve kind of been dogging it the past month or so.  I didn’t think I was, but it’s apparent I was.

That’s one key that many people overlook when they train by themselves…even a trainer like myself.


Intensity is key, especially if your workouts only take 10 minutes like the ones I design.

If you dog it, or just go half-assed, you will NOT achieve the results you’re after.

You’ve got to work hard and you had better know that you worked hard and had a great workout by the time you’re done.

To answer the second question.  Why are my abs sore even though I didn’t do any “abs exercises”?

It’s because of the increased intensity and the way I held my abs throughout every single exercise.

I am always harping on my 1-1 clients and boot camp ladies to always keep their abs tight when doing an exercise…no matter what the exercise is.

One of the abs main purposes is to keep your torso stabilized…not to crunch.

So, if I tell them to keep their abs “tight” or flexed while doing an exercise, that is working their abs and it’s working their abs hard.

I obviously was slacking in this department as my abs are sore today…and it’s all because I made it a point to keep them flexed, or “tight” while doing every one of my exercises yesterday.

Another benefit to that you’re able to perform the exercise better.  Meaning that you can use more weight, or do more repetitions, or more intensely because your “foundation” is stronger.

Make sense?

So your take home assignment for today is to make sure that you keep your abs flexed tight with each and every repetition of each and every exercise you perform in ALL of your workouts.

Have a great weekend!

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