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Wednesday Workout

Yesterday was a pretty heavy day for my back and hamstrings, and I need to do my workout today rather than wait until Thursday so I’m going to focus more on my pressing muscles (chest, shoulders), and still hit the legs.

That’s a great thing about planning your week out before you get going.

I knew when this week started that I wouldn’t workout on Monday, and I couldn’t over the weekend so that left me with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursay and Friday.

I wasn’t going to train 4 days in a row with weights, so I needed to do it 2 days back to back, rest and then finish up with a full body workout on Friday.

You really do need to plan your weeks out like that so you nothing pops up and “surprises” you and thus gives you a reason to say you don’t have time to workout.

Everybody has time, especially if you follow one of my 10 minute workouts, or even my 15 minute workouts.  Really, who doesn’t have time to fit in a 10 or 15 minute workout?  If you say “me”, you’re lying to yourself.

Anyway, here’s my workout from today:

1)  Incline Bench Press:  5 x 5  My bench press has been down over the summer and that’s just due to my own stupidity.  I let myself get really stressed out and burned out, which made me very weak.  Don’t make the same mistakes I did.  Take some time for yourself and your workouts won’t suffer.

2A)  DB Push Press:  4 x 8
2B)  Machine Squat:  4 x 8  I know I’m all about free weights, but sometimes it helps to change things up a bit

3A)  DB Chest Press:  3 x 12
3B)  Pistol Squat:  3 x 6 per leg

4A)  DB Overhead Squat:  3 x 12
4B)  Pike Press-up:  3 x 12

Just like yesterday I finished up with a 4 minute metabolic workout and this one focused more on my arms, which was kind of nice.  I’m a dude and I love big arms and the “pump” just like any other dude.

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