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Wednesday Fat Burning Workout

This week has been kind of screwy in terms of workouts.

Monday I tested out some new 10 minute fat loss workouts I’m working on which was cool, but it wasn’t part of my routine right now and I’m all about routine when it comes to workouts.

Then yesterday I took a buddy to the airport to pick up his car (why someone didn’t drop him off I don’t know and if you’re reading this, answer that question for me) and that really screwed me up.

I had time to get in a normal workout, but I basically trashed the day because I screwed around too much.  I was livid when I got home for the night (as my wife could tell you), but not at my buddy.  I was mad at myself.

I squandered my free time and didn’t accomplish anything of substance, let alone a decent workout.

So that brings me to today.  My workout routine right now doesn’t call for a workout on Wednesday, but I had to get one in to make up for the beginning of the week.

Luckily I got in a pretty good one.

It was mostly upper body stuff and focused on the chest, shoulders and triceps but I did some squats at the beginning as well.

1A) Incline Bench Press – 4×8
1B)  BB Squat – 4×8

2A)  Shoulder Press – 4×8
2B)  1-Leg Squat – 4×8

3A)  Decline Spiderman Push-up – 2×15
3B)  Incline Triceps Extension – 2×10

4A)  Standing Chest Press (only machine I’ll ever use is for this type of movement) – 2×12
4B)  Shrugs – 2×10

Overall it was a great workout, plus Andrea and Maren were there.

Maren always finds the best times to make me laugh.  I was right in the middle of an incline bench set when she walked up and said “Heavy daddy?”  It’s not so much what she said but the way she said it.  When she asks that question she gets a really high pitched voice and has a big emphasis on the end of the sentence.  Not good when you’ve got over 200 pounds hanging over your chest.

Have a great day!

Ed, The Fit Dad

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