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Want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle? Eat these 3 foods daily


How’s it hangin’?

I got away from the Nutrition Assignments for a couple weeks and that’s because I’ve been working frantically on a few projects.

So I’m kinda sorry and I’m kinda not.  I’m sorry because I want ot help you lose weight and live a lean and strong lifestyle.

I’m not sorry because these projects directly effect you and are pretty stinkin’ awesome…but we’ll save those or later 🙂

Back to the task at hand…

This week’s assignment is nutrition related.

To be more specific, I’m going to share a few foods that you may, or may not eat on a regular basis, but that I want you to eat most days this week. 

When I give you this type of assignment, it’s to help break you out of an eating rut.  Sometimes we get stuck eating the ‘same old, same old’ and while that may be okay, it gets boring.

For some, these foods are already eaten on a regular basis.  Others may avoid them because they’re afraid.

Afraid of the sugar content or afraid of the fat content and those fears creaped into their head (maybe your head) from some tricksters.

What are these weight loss foods?

Here’s the quick list, followed with my “reason why.”

1.  Pineapple

2.  Sunflower Seeds

3.  Pears

Simple enough, right?

I follow a couple guidelines when recommending foods to you.

First, they must be easy to find.  I’m not going to ask you to eat a food that requires trekking to different health food stores.

It has to be simple and easy!

Next, they must be cost-effective.  I don’t want ot break your ‘food bank’ by asking you to consume foods that are crazy expensive.  We could dive into this discussion more as to what’s truly expensive, but the fact remains I don’t want to ask people to load their grocery cart up with exotic fruits.

Make sense?

Okay, now let’s break each food down and give you my “Reason Why.”

1) Pineapple chunks. 

Pineapple is really low in calories per serving – coming in at about 75 calories per cup.  For those 75 calories it also has a decent amount of fiber – 2.5 grams per serving – considering the amount of water in the chunks.

That’s another thing – they’re pretty high in water content, which if you’re trying to lose weight or are looking for a good food to help curb your appetite, is key.

Water takes up space in your stomach giving you the impression you’re full.

If you’re an emotional eater, or are someone trying to figure out when they are truly hungry, this can help you tremendously.

Is it high in sugar?  Sure…but you have to remember that there are only 75 calories per serving, it has 2.5 grams of fiber and loads of water.

So does that sugar content really come into play?  If you’re preparing for a photo shoot while wearing your undies, then yes it does, but for the rest of us, no.  I’m not going to make a wonderful food like pineapple into the enemy because of its sugar content.

It’s a REAL food and getting people to eat REAL food is more important than worrying about its sugar content.

One quick note – don’t drink the juice.  I’m not saying the juice is “bad,” but for this diet assignment, and the overwhelming majority of the time, I don’t want you drinking the juice because when it comes to juice, the sugar content IS bad.

If you want to lose weight, eat the fruit…don’t drink the juice.

2) Pearsweight loss diet food

I included pears because sometimes people forget about them.  We tend to automatically think of apples for portable snacks, but pears are just as good.

They’re pretty low in calories – about 95 for a medium-sized pear – while having a little over 5 grams of fiber and they’re high in water content (which I discussed earlier).

As I alluded to, pears are a great “on the go” snack, plus they’re great to give to your kids because there’s very little “turning up of the nose” as can be the case with some other fruits and veggies.

Just make sure you clean the pear before you dig in.   Too many residues and too many hands have touched that puppy and you want that stuff washed off.

Again, eat the fruit, don’t drink the juice.

3) Sunflower Seeds 

They may be high in calories per cup (about 190 calories per ¼ cup WITHOUT the shell), but in all honesty, you’re not going to consume ¼ cup of sunflower seeds.

Why?  Because that’s a whole lotta seed!

Have you ever measured out ¼ cup of sunflower seeds?  That’s a lot of food in that little cup and there’s no reason you should be eating that many.

I put them on this list because they’re loaded with nutrition.

They’re high in Vitamins E and B6, as well as a whole host of other vitamins amd minerals.

They’re high in “good fats” and I don’t think I have to go over the individual benefits of a diet high in healthy fats that come from REAL food.

They’re also a great source of protein and fiber, especially considering how few of them you have to eat.

I’m not a big fan of the sunflower seeds that come in shells because it grosses me out seeing people spitting the shells out for hours on end, or worse, digging in their mouth to get the seeds out.


You can buy the shelled versions in bulk at most grocery stores, but make sure you don’t go overboard when eating them.  Don’t let it turn into “Mindless Eating,” because those calories can add up!

One of my favorite ways to eat sunflower seeds is by adding it to salads.  If you’re not a big meat eater, or don’t like adding things like chunks of chicken breast to your salads (or if that’s just boring), try adding a small handful of sunflower seeds along with some slivered almonds and cashew halves.

You’ll get a great protein punch, while also getting a good amount of ‘good’ fats and increasing the fiber content of the salad.

Simple and easy!

So what do you think?

Can you eat those 3 foods on a regular basis this week?

Of course you can!

Talk to you soon!


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