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Want Better Abs? Use This Workout

A number of weeks ago I shared a couple videos using one of my favorite tools, the carpet slider.  If you didn’t see those videos, click here.

Another great way to use the sliders, or Valslides, is when working your abs.

They’re great for making exercises like Mountain Climbers, and a few of the Plank Extension variations a bit tougher.

Last week I used sliders for the abs portion of my workout, specifically the Pike and Spiderman Climb, and my abs were sore for days.

It was ridiculous.

Having sore abs can be a blessing and a curse.  On the good side you know you worked ‘em pretty flippin’ hard.  On the negative, it makes it tough to laugh and it makes for difficult rough housing with the kids because it makes you want to double over in pain whenever they land on your stomach.

Here’s a quick video showing a few abs exercises using sliders.

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty cool, right?

Those are pretty basic exercises that can be done in different ways, but using the sliders adds a bit of extra “oomph” to the equation that I think you’ll enjoy.

And by “enjoy,” I mean hate and by “hate,” I mean love.

It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle…kinda like pigs in a blanket, which are totally awesome.

Hows about a workout using a couple of those exercises?

Sound super-duper?

Here’s a quick 10-minute workout using the carpet sliders and a couple of the exercises from the above video.

YouTube Preview Image

In case you didn’t get the entirety of the workout written down for future use, here’s the flow…

1A) Lateral Lunge – 10 Reps/Leg

1B) Pike – 12 Reps

1C) Alternating Leg Curl – 12 Reps/Leg

1D) Push-up w/Shoulder Touch – 12 Reps

1E) DB Rear Fly – 10 Reps

Give that workout a try, along with this one, and you have 2 awesome workouts using carpet sliders (or Valslides) that can do wonders for your legs and abs.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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