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Unorthodox, And Dare I Say Fun, Way To Work Your Abs

fitdadTVDo you like toys?

I love ‘em.

When I was a kid, I had a ton of toys – most went unused, as most kids’ toys do.

Now that I’m a big boy, I’ve moved on to different types of toys.  I have a couple guitars (and plan on getting many more), I have re-discovered skateboarding and plan on getting a couple more skateboards, as well as my various electronic gadgets.

Why?  I have no flippin’ idea!

However, I do enjoy getting and experimenting with new toys in my training studio.

I enjoy figuring out new ways to train people with unorthodox “toys” like sandbags and carpet sliders.

Carpet sliders are my new favorite because they’re an awesome, and very unorthodox, way to really hit the abs.

Any exercise you do with them, they work your abs and core very intensely, whether it’s because of the balance involved or just because of the way you have to do the exercise, they hit the abs and they hit ‘em hard.

Watch this video to see what I mean…

YouTube Preview Image

So what do you think?  Are you going to rush out and buy a pair?  I use them on a daily basis and can tell a big difference in my own abs – strength and definition.

Have an awesome day!


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Comments (4)

  • Sam

    Whatever dude, these things suck 🙂 I tried them a few weeks ago when you told me about them and they hit my abs hard! I use them all the time in mountain climbers and have even tried them in push-ups, which is extremely difficult. I almost fell on my face the first time.

  • Jody

    Ummmm, I hate these and sometimes i hate you. But in a nice, gentle way!

    Thanks Ed, keep it coming.

  • Ed Scow, aka 'The Fit Dad'


    @Sam – I’m glad you’re seeing some benefit out of these puppies. They’re an awesome little toy and dirt cheap at that.

    @Jody – I’m glad you hate me. That makes me feel good and that’s how I know I’m doing my job.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Jay

    Dude, what kind of guitars and skateboards do you have? I’ve been playing for years and love it!

    thanks for the workout idea too, i just might have to give those things a try.



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