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Tuesday Workout

One thing I love about working out is that even if you’re feeling down or tired, working out makes you feel better when you’re done.

Take today for instance.

Earlier in the day I had a headache and was kind of tired and just not “feeling it”, but I knew I had to workout so I just did it.

Man am I glad I did!

All it took was doing the warm-up to make me feel good and glad I was working out.

Here’s the workout I did:

Warm-up:  Bodyweight circuit including push-ups, squats and chops.  It took about 3 minutes

1)  Deadlift:  5 x 5  I love doing the deadlift and have been in one of those moods where I really want to increase the weight I use so I’m doing it at least once a week and am working on my “weak points” in the rest of my workout.

2A)  Elbow Out DB Row:  4 x 10
2B)  RDL:  4 x 10

3A)  Straight Arm Pulldown:  3 x 12
3B)  1-Leg Curl:  3 x 12 per leg

4A)  Shrugs: 2 x 10
4B)  DB Bicep Curls:  2 x 10

Then I finished up with one of my new 4 minute bodyweight workouts.  This really got me breathing hard and really turned a good workout into a great workout.  I love adding these quick metabolic workouts to the end of my workout.  You should try them.

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