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Tuesday Workout

I kind of liked my workouts over the past couple weeks so I’m going to stick with it for another week then I’m going to be starting a workout designed by a buddy of mine.

I’ll be telling you all about it and my journey with this workout.  I’m pretty excited about it and am pumped to see the results.

Until then, here’s my workout for today…

1)  Hang Clean:  5 x 5

2A)  Narrow Grip Pull-up:  10, 9. 9. 8
2B)  Weighted Dips:  4 x 10

3A)  Inverted Row:  3 x 12
3B)  Decline spiderman Push-up:  3 x 12

As I did last week I finished up with one of my new 4 minute workouts, but this one was devoted entirely to the abs.

My stomach was screaming by the end of that 4 minutes!

Have a good one.


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