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Trying To Lose Weight? Here’s Some Weight Loss Motivation

I recently received a pretty cool email from a guy named Bill saying he bought my book a year ago and didn’t do anything with it.

What’s so cool about that?  How could that provide you with weight loss motivation?  How do I think a guy telling me he purchased my book and did absolutely NOTHING is cool?

It was the second part of his email that was the cool part.  He said for months he kept telling himself “he’d get around to it” and like most people, he never did “get around to it.”

It wasn’t until he actually went up a pants size that he finally decided to do something about his growing belly and poor lifestyle habits.

He told me he started making small changes and within a week had lost a few pounds and his energy levels were through the roof.

Pretty cool, huh?

So why am I sharing this with you?  Why am I bragging about being the coolest dad-gum trainer around?  Is it because the program I created was out of this world?

Weight Loss Motivation Tips and Tricks

I could lie and tell you yes, but the truth and the real reason I’m sharing this is because he finally got fed up and did SOMETHING. (although Fat Loss To Go is pretty killer…)

All too often we allow ourselves to sit idly by and watch our health and pants’ sizes get out of control.

We tell ourselves we’ll change, but just like Bill said “he never got around to it.”

We buy that program with the killer marketing campaign (something with an ‘x’), but never get around to it.

We join the boot camp or health club, but skip workouts and come up with excuses.

We buy a diet book, but it ends up collecting dust amongst the countless other books.

But you know what?  What’s the biggest weight loss motivation tip I can give you?

All you need to do to start making positive change is do just one thing…

…and that one thing is something.

You just need to do something.

Don’t allow yourself to succumb to “paralysis by analysis” (I think I stole that from one of hundreds of business books).

Just pick an area and do something.  Something is better than nothing.  Something is better than watching your cholesterol and stomach size shoot into the stratosphere.

Want me to pick something out for you?

Okay, how about fiber.

From now on, I want your primary focus to be on consuming foods that are rich in fiber.

Don’t get caught up in the gobbledy-gook that so many nutrition “experts” want to confuse you with, just focus on fiber.

What foods are rich in fiber?  Vegetables, most fruit, whole grains, nuts and beans are all loaded with fiber.

Amazingly simple and effective.  Focus on fiber and you will see results pretty quickly as long as you’re not perverting those fiber rich foods, but that’s another topic for another day!

Make fiber your “something” and act now.  Don’t put it off until tomorrow.  Just act.

Then in a few weeks pick a new “something” and act on it immediately and before you know it, you’ll be just like Dan.

It really is as simple as that.

What’s your ‘something’ going to be?  Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook.

Talk to you soon!

And remember…

…Be A Superhero Today!

Ed, aka “The Fit Dad”

P.S. – I’ll be back in the next day or so with some killer nutrition tips as well as some workout videos.  Sorry I’ve been out of the game for so long…

P.P.S. – If you’re finally ready to get off your butt and do something just like Bill did, then you need to get on the same program he’s on – my Fat Loss To Go 10-Minute Fat Loss System designed specifically for busy Super-Dads and Wonder-Moms!  To learn how to finally get the extra fat off AND do it without sacrificing your free time and going on a super-restrictive diet click here.

P.P.P.S. – Seriously…that’s all the weight loss motivation you should need right now.  Get up and move.  Do something…take consistent action starting right now and you will see results.  Build on those results until you reach your goals.

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