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Thursday Workout…Coming to you on Friday

I forgot to update you on my workout yesterday, sorry about that.

I tell you what, being away from my biz for a couple days really makes life difficult.

I had an awesome time in Toronto, but trying to squeeze everything into 3 days as well as running my business and trying to put into practice everything I learned makes for a stressful environment.

Thank God for my workouts!

My workouts are such a stress reliever and I try to take out every ounce of stress I have in my body out on my workouts.  You should try that too.  It really does help, plus your workouts are better that way.

Anyway, here’s my workout for yesterday (Thursday).

I focused mostly on my pushing muscles since I was going to be doing another workout today.

1)  Bench Press:  4 x 8  I lost a lot of strength in this over the summer and I’m trying to get it back, and it’s coming.

2A)  Barbell Squat:  4 x 8
2B)  Dips:  4 x 12

3A)  DB Push Press:  3 x 12
3B)  1-Leg Squats:  3 x 12 per leg

4A)  Triceps Extensions:  3 x 15
4B)  1-Leg Push-up:  3 x 15

I could barely do the last superset because my arms, shoulders and chest were pretty dead.  It felt awesome, though!

Till next time!

Ed aka The Fit Dad

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