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The Secret To Lasting Fat Loss

topSecretLet’s dive into your brain today.

We’re not going for the surface stuff either, we’re going deep down into the wrinkly crevices where all those deep, dark secrets hide…

… Those secrets you hope no one ever finds out about like that time you broke one of your mom’s precious Christmas ornaments and tried to fix it with gobs of super glue, or that time you wore the same shirt two years in a row for pictures (It was 5th and 6th grade!), or even that time you had a mullet – not just any mullet, but a mullet with a little perm in the back.

I’m not saying those secrets belong to me, because they don’t.  They belong to this other dude who also happens to be devilishly handsome, even if he did once have a mullet.

The secrets you’re going to uncover can make or break your fat loss.  Not necessarily whether you lose the fat, but whether you keep it off.

These secrets, although they may seem minor, can also be fiendishly powerful.

They are Resistance at its finest.

To uncover these secrets you’ll have to do a little thinking, maybe a little soul searching and you’re sure as hell going to have to be brutally honest with yourself.

I believe wholeheartedly that the “make it or break it” point with most people and their health and weight loss boils down to just a few behaviors.

Some behaviors may be large, like laziness, which is really just misguided dedication; while others may be minor, like mini-cheats, which is really just mindless eating.

All of these behaviors lead to a snowball effect which, rather than leading you to greatness, lead you to the seat of hell.  How does a snowball last in hell?  No idea, but in this case it does.

The secrets, and behaviors, I’m asking you to try to uncover really act as an “if, then” statement.

I’ve used this analogy before, which stems from my early college career where I wallowed away in a computer lab hoping above hope to learn what it took to be an engineer.

We used “if, then” statements that were basically functions that said; “If ‘x’ happens, then ‘y’ must happen.”

For instance if I were programming a Tic-Tac-Toe game the If, Then statement would read something like this…

“If Player 1 puts ‘X’ in center;

Then, Computer puts ‘O’ in upper right;”

Or something like that.  I didn’t last long in that double major!

How does this apply to you?

What habit, secret, or behavior leads to something else equally as bad?

Here’s an example from my own life.

If I have caffeine, I immediately want more caffeine.  This may seem harmless, but I hate coffee.  That means my caffeine comes from energy drinks or pop, both of which is like shooting battery acid directly into your veins.  They’re poison.  It’s a nasty habit, a habit that must be broken, but I also understand that once that “seal” is broken I will crave more.

Same thing occurs with sugary “treats.”  If I have a piece of candy, or anything else high in sugar like a donut, I will want more and more, which inevitably leads me to feel like my stomach met the fists of an MMA fighter.  I’m not talking about being a glutton here, it only takes a small amount.

Those are my two “secrets” that set my snowball rolling down into fatty hell.

Okay now it’s time for you to do a little work.

I gave you my two examples, now it’s time for you to figure out yours.

What habits, behaviors or secrets do you have that always lead to more bad behaviors?

If you skip one workout does it always lead to more skippin’?

If you skip breakfast, does that always lead to a poor eating decision a couple hours later or at lunch?

If you have an alcoholic drink with dinner does that always lead to you making poor eating decisions?

Here’s your next step…

Take 5 minutes and think about an average day in your life.  Dive into the minor details and see where your own negative “if, Then” statements reside.

Be honest.

Some of the answers may hurt.

Once you figure it out make a plan to conquer what you’ve just discovered.

You may have to create a new, healthy habit to replace the old one.

Going back to my examples, I know that if I take an extra 10-minutes in the evening to plan out my breakfast and morning snacks I will be fine.  Doing that keeps me on the straight and narrow.  It’s such a simple little habit, but it can make or break my day.

I know this…but I don’t always do it, which makes me an idiot.  A kind and gentle idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.

If you’re a workout skipper, you may have to hire a trainer to meet with once a week or every couple weeks, or at the very least join some type of small group class that keeps you honest.

If you find that you mini-cheat, you just need to swap the junk for something good.

If you discover that eating lunch with a certain person always leads to horrible eating, then you may need to cut that lunch date until you are able to resist temptation.

Whatever it is, figure it out and try to flip it.

It doesn’t matter if it seems big or small because if it popped into your brain it’s obviously important.

So get on gettin’ on.  Take the next 5 minutes, go over an average day or week and find your secrets and then make a short, simple plan to kick the crap out of ‘em.

Talk soon!


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