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The One Thing You MUST Do Before Starting A Weight Loss Program

it will hurtWhen it comes to weight loss there is one thing that rises above all else.

It’s not a special food, or combination of any foods.

It’s not a fancy exercise, or even workout program.

It’s not about abandoning an entire food group, or demonizing something.

To better illustrate what it is I have to tell you a story.

A couple years ago I was involved in the “Corporate” wellness world.  I would cold call companies, or use my contacts to get in front of HR pros, to pitch on having me come in and teach.

Sometimes I’d come in once for about a half hour, other times I’d come in once per week for 6 weeks, for an hour at a time.

It was fun, yet maddening at the same time.  I enjoyed it because it allowed me to get in front of a group of interested people and help them understand nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway, after I finished up an awesome talk at a small company, a couple ladies cornered me – I always finished with Q&A, both for the group and in a one-on-one environment when it was over and stayed until everyone was satisfied.

They were roommates, both struggling with their weight, and in fact they kinda looked like twins, although they weren’t related.

They also had the same question… 

Questioning Gals:  “How do we stop eating junk at home?”

Answering Fitness Fella:  “Don’t buy it.”

Simple enough, right?

You’d think that would be the first thing that popped into their brains too…

…if you don’t want to eat crap at home, then don’t buy it at the grocery store!

That did not satisfy them.

“That won’t work.  If we want something that’s not in the house we’ll head down to the convenience store that’s a couple blocks away.”

“Do you at least walk to the store?”

“Uhhhh, no.” (they said this while giving me a ‘you must be crazy’ look)

“Well, then stop going to the convenience store.”

“We tried that.  It doesn’t work.”


At this point I was kind of stumped.  I honestly had no answer.  I told them not to grocery shop hungry, but they knew that and it didn’t fix the problem from heading to the convenience store if they caught the whim of junk.

We went through all the simple and easy tips on avoiding the consumption of the sweet and tasty junkies, but they said “it doesn’t work” to every one.

Here’s what I finally told them, hoping and praying it would sink in.

“You have no strong ‘Reason Why’.  If you don’t have a strong grasp on WHY you actually want to lose weight AND keep it off, then you will ALWAYS struggle.  You will never, and I mean NEVER get what you want, not because what you want isn’t attainable, but because you don’t know what you want.”

Did that make sense?

The reason they would both hop in the car and drive 2 blocks to the convenience store, or buy junk at the grocery store, was because they didn’t have a strong enough reason to avoid it.

  • For some it’s knowing their father, or mother, died at the age of 40 because of a heart attack that was caused by their lifestyle.
  • For some it’s the fact their stomach has grown so large they can’t see their feet, or some other appendage, while standing up.
  • For some parents it’s the fact they can’t keep up with their kids while playing “Tag” in the backyard – and if that’s not enough of a shock to get off your ass and lose weight I don’t know what is.
  • Some people just wake up one morning fed up with how they look and feel. They hate that they don’t have the energy necessary to get through the day, or maybe they don’t even know what having a decent amount of natural energy feels like.  They hate the fact that their clothes keep getting bigger and bigger every year.

You NEED to find that Reason Why, whatever it is…

…and it really doesn’t matter what it is because it’s YOUR ‘Reason Why.’

It belongs to you and no one else, but the one thing yours has in common with everyone else is that it has to be powerful enough to give you an initial Spark, and it has to give you a strong enough kick in the pants to avoid certain situations.

It has to provide you with the first steps to at least start your workout when you don’t feel like moving – and those moments will come.

It doesn’t have to be a big, tear-inducing Reason that would make Oprah’s studio audience cry.  It just has to stir YOUR emotions.

It has to be strong enough to start a fire in the pit of your gut, then spread outward to propel movement.

I don’t know what happened to those two lovely gals.  I hope what I said sunk in, but I have a sneaky suspicion it bounced off that day.  They were looking for some super-secret trick I could give them, expecting a Guru to have something magical that I only share with the elitist of the elite, but I got nuttin’.

Here’s What To Do Next…

So what’s yours?
never give up

Have you taken the time to figure it out?

If you haven’t, then that’s your assignment today…figure out your “Reason Why.”

Remember it doesn’t have to be big, but the bigger the better.

It doesn’t have to make Andersen Cooper sob, but it has to stir YOUR emotions.

It doesn’t have to win you a competition, but it has to make you conquer your Resistance.

Think about it, write it down, and look at that piece of paper every morning and keep it close to you all day.

Remember it when temptation strikes.

Let it rouse the little workout creatures that reside in your muscles when you feel like sluggin’ on the couch.

Use your Reason Why and let it propel you to greatness.

Talk soon!


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