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The Most Boring Way To Lose Fat…That Works EVERY TIME

I have a shocking confession to make…

Are you ready for it?

I am incredibly boring individual.

Crazy, right?

How could I possibly be boring?  Aren’t I living it up with Robin Leach and our caviar dreams?  Points if you know the reference…if you don’t know the reference it’s about a show that predates MTV Cribs by a couple decades, but was far better, yet just as outlandishly ridiculous.

Anywho, back to my boringness (real word).

My life revolves around working with clients, writing, reading, working out and being a dad, and husband, but not necessarily in that order.

Some days I actually mix in a little guitar playing, which in all honesty sounds no better than when Nolan pounds away at my guitar, which means I’m no bueno…yet.

I love my life and here’s how my boring life applies to you…

It allows me to create a routine with my eating and training.

Even more boring, right?

Who wants to have a routine life?

You want excitement!


Routine is boring, but routine works.  Actually it’s the only thing that works. 

I start working with clients at either 5 or 5:45am, depending on the day of the week.  In an ideal world I’d wake up at 4 in order to get some quality writing in before the first squeak of the studio door.

However, I do start EVERY day with a homemade smoothie, which I prepare the night before.  It’s full of blueberries, raspberries, a fat source of either ground flax seed or coconut milk, whey protein powder and a greens powder.

It doesn’t waiver on a daily basis beyond the fat source.

Is it boring?  Yep, but I like it and it’s part of my routine. If I don’t put the berries in the mixing cup the night before I start to get antsy and won’t sleep well…seriously.

It takes 2 or 3 minutes to prep and I drink it on the way to the studio.

In between clients I snack.  I keep a big dish of homemade trail mix in my office that’s full of raw, unadulterated nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts, plus some dried fruit like raisins and craisins and maybe even a few M&M’s for good measure.

I’ll also scarf down an apple or two.

Some days I bring one our homemade protein bars.

Ideally I’d have the same lunch every day as well consisting of a big bowl of spinach and romaine lettuce topped with a protein and fat source (slivered nuts, boiled eggs, chicken breast, steak, chunks of REAL cheese, etc.), broccoli, sliced strawberries (or whatever), and a vinaigrette or oil dressing.

That’s the routine for the first part of my day.  I have discovered over the years that if my morning routine stays in tact, the rest of the day flows easily.  No giving in to temptation, no junk food…virtual perfection and if I do “cheat” it’s done with a clear mind, rather than simply letting something happen.

Boring, but effective.

I also have a rough plan to all my workouts.  Every 6-8 weeks I’ll sit down and write out what I want to do, then formulate a plan.

Boring, but effective.

My clients are the same way.

I know exactly what we’re going to do before they get to the studio.  Our workouts have become part of their routine, and many have actually admitted they feel guilty if they can’t make it.  Not because they miss my sweet face, or enjoy being put through the wringer, but because the “date” has become a part of their life and your natural reaction is to feel a bit wonky when there’s a break in your normal routine.

Again, boring, but effective.

Routine is boring, but routine works.

Here’s what I want you to do next… 

Take 5-10 minutes, maybe longer, and plan out a small routine, or add a building block to your current routine.

I don’t want you to attempt a giant jump start to your whole life because that won’t stick.  Your mind will go bonkers and retaliate.

Start with something small, but that can lead to greatness.

If you already eat a similar breakfast every day, and it’s a good one, move on to something different like adding a quick 10-minute workout to your morning before doing anything else.  It doesn’t have to be major, but something that invigorates your body, wakes the muscles, nerves and metabolism up and sets you up for success.

Something like this –>  Click here for an AWESOME 10-minute workout

Already good with your workouts?  Maybe you can add a 5 or 10-minute yoga, foam rolling or stretching session to help clear your mind and de-stress.

Having trouble getting all your fruits and veggies?  Make it a rule to have at least 1 serving of either a fiber-rich fruit or vegetable BEFORE eating lunch and dinner.

That may seem like a small and inconsequential step, but the fact that that small serving will also be loaded with water and fiber makes it a natural appetite suppressant, which will make sure you stop eating when you should.

Struggle with remembering to drink enough water throughout the day?

Grab a jug and bring it with.

Boring?  Abso-frickin-lutely!

Will it work?


I know this article is boring and doesn’t give you any “hot” or spicy tips, but let’s be honest, those hot and spicy tips aren’t typically realistic.

This is boring, but it works.

If it didn’t work I’d be a big fatty boombalatty and thankfully I’m not a big fatty boombalatty.

So do yourself a favor and spend the next 5-10 minutes figuring out 1 or 2 SMALL routines you can add to your day.

Either build on your strengths, or add a strength where a weakness currently lives.

Ooh, there’s a juicy one.

I’m not a big fan of “removing” bad habits because something has to take its place.  I’d rather you focus on adding a good habit/routine, rather than think about the removal of something bad.

Let’s say a routine of yours is to eat 2 cookies every afternoon, along with a diet pop.

It’s part of your life.  It’s engrained in your brain to get those damn cookies and diet pop and if there’s a day where that gets postponed you start to get antsy.

Bad routine, bad habit.

Don’t try to fight it and remove it, flip it and replace it with something good.

Your new routine will be half a cookie eaten AFTER you have an apple and drink a glass of water.  You can flavor the water if you’d like, but it has to be water.  Don’t fight me or argue with me about some other bottled junk.  Water, water, water.

You’re not actively trying to remove your cookie habit, but you are replacing that weakness with a strength.

See what I’m saying?


Now get to work on your boring project.



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