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The Fit Dad’s Workout 5/15/12

I haven’t been able to train since last Wednesday and it’s been driving me a bit bonkers.

My sweetie and my babies

Not that I didn’t want to train, and to be totally honest I probably could’ve fit it in but I would’ve hated every second of it and been totally wiped out, which defeats the purpose of the Lifestyle.

Andrea was out of town for 4 days so it was just me and the kids, which meant a lot less productive time and a lot more kid time and that was totally awesome.  Getting to spend so much time with them and them alone is very cool.  They’re only this age once and I don’t want to look back and say “I should’ve spent more time with them before they started school.”

But that meant I had to make a choice – workouts or being productive after they went to bed.  I chose productivity.

I’m back at it now and it feels awesome. I think taking that forced break from regular 10-minute workouts did me well.  It allowed my knee to fully heal (I also had to cut out some client sessions which meant I did less work there too), allowed my nervous system to rest up and I’m fully getting rid of caffeine and I’m just coming out of that fog (and over the weekend it was horrible).

I’ve been doing a little experimenting with my personal workouts.

Well, I don’t know how much of an experiment it is in the sense of blowing things up and putting them back together, so I guess “tweaking” them would be a better word to use.

Yes, they’re still quick and focus on my basic Workout Philosophies, but I’m using fewer exercises per circuit, while increasing the demand of those exercises.

If that makes absolutely no damn sense, take today’s workout as an example and I’ll do some splaining at the end.

7-Minute Circuit #1:

1A) Dips – 12 reps

1B) Feet Elevated Inverted Row – 12 reps

1C) 1-Arm Overhead Squat (used a KB) – 10 reps each arm

After doing those 3 exercises as many rounds possible in 7 minutes, I took a 60 second break and moved on to…

7-Minute Circuit #2: 

2A) Jungle Gym XT Dips – 6 reps

2B) DB Row – 8 reps

2C) KB Swing – 20 reps

After doing that for 7 minutes, I took ZERO rest and moved on to two sets of 15 reps for a couple arms exercises, and then did a couple Power Wheel exercises for about 3 minutes.

All told the workout took just over 20 minutes, not including the warm-up.

If I were pressed for time, or needed a longer warm-up, I would have removed the arms exercises and Power Wheel stuff and just stuck with those 2 7-minute circuits (15 minutes of work).

A lot of the 10-minute workouts I’ve given you over the months and years have focused on 4 or 5 exercises that really work the entire body, without a specific point of “work” where it’s obvious with these two circuits I wanted to focus on my Dips and Pulling, and get as much done in a short period of time.

I’m not out to get crazy strong or crazy big.  I’m just looking to work, and when this is combined with my afternoon 10 minute CTDS workout, it works like gang busters to strip the last bit of fat off (along with the diet of course!).

You could substitute those big exercises with Chin-ups and a difficult push-up variation, or Push Presses and a different style of Inverted Row, or a Squat and Dips, etc.

The point I’m using with this workout is that I’m picking a couple big exercises to focus on, while still keeping the overall workout time to a minimum.  The big thing I always focus on is getting as much done in the least amount of time possible – Get in, get it done and get out.  No screwing around and no long, drawn out workouts just to get “more done.”

Make sense?


Give that workout a try, or substitute those exercises with something similar and create a few workouts to rotate and give it a go for a few weeks and then tweak.



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