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The Fit Dad Says Reading Round-Up!

Sunday is usually the day I get caught up on reading.

Well, I try at least.  When you have a 5-year old and 1-year old things don’t always go as planned 🙂

So in honor of my reading day, I figured I’d share the love with you and help you get caught up on your reading, and your reading is going to be so much more fun than mine.

Why?  A couple reasons.

First, I’m reading about the science of food creation.  While an interesting and eye-opening topic, it is very dry and ‘sciency.’  The eyes have trouble staying open!

Second, I’m going to share information about food and exercise and I know how much fun that is!

Here’s the stuff I want you to check out:

First, we have a simple little diet trick I like to use:

Here is a quick list of 3 of my favorite bodyweight exercises:

Next up we have a couple simple and tasty dessert recipes:

And continuing on with the workout mode, next up we have a sweet little Fusion Conditioning Workout Video:

To wrap things up, we have another sweet little Foodie Article about post-workout nutrition including a few post-workout snacks you can try:

Good stuff!

And before I wrap up I wanted to know how you’ve been doing on the Challenges over the past couple weeks.  Have they been simple and easy to implement?  Have you struggled with them?  Did you even do them?

Remember what we’re trying to accomplish with those Challenges – I want you to make small changes each and every single week over the course of the next 10-12 weeks and watch the magic that happens.

These Challenges aren’t overly difficult, which at times means people won’t try them (I have no idea why this is…but it’s true), but I am asking you to heed my advice and follow-through.



Don’t forget to give those articles a read and videos a watch (and of course do the workouts!).

Talk to you soon with another Challenge!  This week’s is going to be awesome!


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