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Thanksgiving Day Diet? Eat Like Crazy!

Today is Thanksgiving here in the US and that means a lot of people are driving all over the country, spending quality time with loved ones, eating a lot, drinking a lot and watching a lot of football (that’s American football, not futbol).

There are a lot of fitness pros out there who will tell you to take it easy on these big family holidays.

They tell you to not go crazy on all the food and drink.

They’ll give you all sorts of weird tips to steer clear of the binges.

Usually I’m one of them, but I have to be honest with you…

…I’m going to eat a lot today and I’m not going to feel guilty about it.

I’m going to eat a lot of turkey breast, sweet potatoes, pie, mashed potatoes, casseroles, and all the other Thanksgiving day favorites and I really am not concerned with the calorie count.

Why don’t I care?

Is it because I have some superior personal trainer genetics where I can eat whatever I want and still stay fit?

Lord no.  That’s about the worst description of me.  I have to be pretty careful with my eating habits and exercise habits or I become a skinny fat guy.

No, it’s because I know that the rest of this week I’m going to eat as close to perfect as I can because I knew this day was coming up.

I planned ahead and ate well and made sure I stuck to my workouts.

I adhere to the 90% rule, where I eat really healthy, fat fighting foods 90% of the time, then the remaining 10% of the time I eat whatever I want and today fits that 10%.

Another important factor was that I had a really good workout today.

My wife had a really good workout too, but she didn’t enjoy it as much as me (I’ll probably get in trouble for telling you that…oh well).

Both of our workouts only took approximately 15 minutes.  We each did a 10 minute dumbbell workout, followed up with a 4 minute workout.   Both 10 minute workouts were full body, and the 4 minute workouts focused on the core/abs.

Maren was running around the studio, dancing and spilling her cranberries and crackers while mommy and daddy were working hard.

It was kind of fun, yet very distracting laughing at her while trying to make sure my fat loss workout was in good form.

Before I get too off base, I’ll finish up by telling you to relax every once and a while and live a little.

The true key to long lasting fat loss is to not sweat the small stuff and don’t freak out when you overeat.

Just make sure that doesn’t happen very often and you’ll be fine.

Have a great day!

The Fit Dad

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