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Simple Weight Loss Solutions


I hope your day is going awesome.  We’re going to dive into the mental woo-woo stuff for a minute…

I want to present you with a situation that may sound pretty familiar.

Simple Weight Loss Solutions …that aren’t necessarily diet or workout related.

You’re fed up with the way you look and want to make a change.  You hate the way your clothes fit, your lack of energy, and you want to be better.

Maybe you’ve figured out what your next move is and you’re excited and ready, but your brain keeps going back to the Negatives.

It keeps pushing you back to the bad feelings – how bad you look in your clothes, how your lack of energy makes it difficult to focus on your workouts, etc.

Sound familiar?

When we have a problem, whether it be weight loss, or whatever, we tend to put all of our focus on the problem (Negative) and not the Solution (positive).

Don’t be “problem oriented,” instead focus on Solutions.

In the situation I presented earlier, the person should have focused on the addition of the good stuff and how good it made him/her feel, not the Negative of the current situation because the current situation is being changed every day and is not permanent …you’re making a positive change.

The Solutions are, obviously, eating better and moving more.  That’s simple, but not always easy.simple weight loss solutions

To make it easier, it should be broken down into multiple Solutions (positives) that can be made every day and you should only focus on 1 or 2 Solutions at once – don’t get bogged down trying to accomplish a lot at one time because that leads to frustration.

For instance, an old problem was probably a crappy lunch.  The Solution, obviously, is to eat a healthier lunch that not only helps you lose weight, but also keeps your energy levels stable throughout the afternoon so you’re less likely to feel the need to eat a bad snack.

This should be one of the only Solutions focused on and until it becomes a normal habit, you shouldn’t move on to something else.  Attempting too many Solutions at once is a recipe for failure, rather than simple weight loss.

That healthy lunch will also make you more apt to actually do your workout, instead of skipping it because of your lack of energy.  It will also start a snowball effect for the rest of your eating day.  You won’t want to ruin this good feeling by eating poorly in the evening.

See what I’m getting at?

For whatever reason, we like to keep coming back to the problems. I’m not a shrink and don’t know the official reason, but I know it happens all the time.  Otherwise the weight loss business wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar industry.weight loss solutions

Break the cycle.

Know your problem(s), but then focus only on the Solution(s).

Like I said earlier, you’ll also want to limit the Solutions you focus on to a few at a time.

If you know your big problems are horrible breakfasts, afternoon snacking and skipping workouts, focus on those FIRST until they’re not problems anymore.

Once mastered, move out to more Solutions (and more weight loss results!!).

Here are a couple more Solutions you could focus on – but remember, you should master one big one, or a few small ones, before moving on.   It may take a bit longer, but the success will actually last…

1.  If you skip workouts, schedule it into your day.  The most successful people I’ve worked with have scheduled their workouts into their day.  They don’t let the day dictate whether they workout, they schedule the workout and the day is planned around it.  Focus on small blocks of time and do quick workouts that leave you feeling great and give awesome results (click here for a workout example).

2.  If you’re a stress or emotional eater, then know and understand that and figure something else out that can fill that void for stress busting.  It’s okay if you’re a stress eater, but it’s NOT okay if you give in to those urges on a regular basis.  You have to figure out another way to bust that stress.  (click here for a few food swaps if you’re a stress eater).

3.  If you are addicted to carbohydrates – the bad ones – and want to bust that cycle, yet still crave those carbs, focus on doing a type of Carb Rotation diet.  It’s incredibly effective and really easy to lose fat once you get a plan.

The Solution mindset will get you to your goal quicker, keep you at your goal longer and make you much, much happier whereas if you focus on the problems, you’ll spin your wheels, struggle and eventually give up.

I want you to achieve your goals and being Solution oriented is the best, quickest and smoothest way to get there.

Build on those Solutions, keep the momentum going and build on those accomplishments.  Accomplishments and achievements feel awesome.  Every time you turn a Solution into a habit, you should feel proud of yourself…then move on to something new.  This is the easiest way to succeed with your weight loss goals.

Make sense?

Have an awesome day!



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