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Simple Summer Weight Loss Tips

I had a stark realization the other day, while playing in the yard with the kiddos, and it kinda freaked me a bit.

The realization was that summer was coming, and it was coming quick and it wasn’t going to wait for me, or anyone else, to be ready.

I had this realization for a couple reasons.

First, I was wearing a tank top and noticed my arms were crazy white.

I’m a white dude by nature – not just my race, but I’m a pasty white white dude.

You could probably stick me on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, spin me round and round and have me act as a light house.

I also noticed that I still had a bit of my “winter weight” sticking around my midsection and I didn’t like that.

I think it’s natural to gain a little extra weight over the winter – at least if you live in a non-tropical location – because your body wants to fight the cold…

…plus you’re wearing bigger clothes that cover everything up.

You don’t have to like it, but I do think it’s natural to gain a little goo over the cold months.

You also don’t have to accept it.  You can, and should, fight it…and fight it we shall!

Here are a few nutrition tips to get ready for summer and shed the winter weight.

  •  Cut any and all liquid calories AND diet, or any other “zero calorie,” drinks
  •  If you’re going to snack “post dinner,” then it must be very high in protein or vegetables only, or a sweet, low-calorie/high water content fruit that satisfies sweets-cravings.
  •  Focus on 4 and 4 (4 fruits and 4 veggies per day)

On the flip-side, here are a few workout tips:

  • Increase the intensity by “Book Ending” your workout with a couple metabolic exercises.
  • Decrease the rest periods you’re taking, or increase the time of the workout by 5 minutes…or both.  We’re looking to crank the intensity a bit here and these are two super-simple ways to do that.
  • Cut down the traditional cardio, increase your Fusion Conditioning or Bodyweight Cardio.  This cuts down on overall workout time, which is awesome, plus it will get you to your goal quicker.  Going for a walk a couple times per week is a great way to clear your head, but it’s not great for weight loss and I’m not a big fan of “jogging” either.
  • Don’t worry about pre-workout nutrition, during hte workout nutrition, or post-workout nutrition that much.  This is not something you should cloud your brain with and it’s not as important as some claim.  Is it beneficial?  Sure, but if your goal is to drop some weight it’s not high on the ladder of success.  You’re trying to shed the fat from your fat cells, not keep it there.
  • If you’re currently training 3 times per week, up it to 4.  If you’re currently doing 4, up it to 5.  If you’re currently doing 5…keep it at 5 and do more “activities” on those other 2 days – playing soccer with the kids, playing tag, going for a bike ride, etc.  Anything that you wouldn’t normally “count” as a workout is great for these 2 days.

My point is you may need to up the total workout time per week…or you may need to keep it the same, or less, while doing non-stressful activities.

A couple other things to do are to 1) Decrease stress and 2) Rest more.

We live in a go, go, go society and that can wreak havoc on your hormonal system and make weight loss more difficult.

Losing weight is difficult enough.  There’s no reason to make it any more difficult.

Reducing stress and resting more will help you lose fat…maybe quicker than you think.

Above all else, keep things simple, yet work, work, work.

Be consistent, but don’t freak out.

Be intense, but don’t overdo it by thinking “more is always better.”

You can do this, just keep pushing and keep working.

Life rewards consistency and persistence.

Talk soon!


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