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Simple 10-Minute Bodyweight Workout and Add-On Abs Workout

Hey!bodyweight workout

Sunday afternoon, during Maren’s “Rest Time,” I heard what sounded like jumping in our bedroom.

I was curious for two reasons…

First, why was she jumping.

Second, why was she jumping in our room and not her’s?

I went up to investigate, because her brother was napping and if he doesn’t get a decent nap he’s a bear, and found her in the middle of a set of burpees.

I asked what she was doing and she breathlessly said, “Working out!”  I asked what she was doing in her workout and she said she rode the bike, used the sliders, squats and burpees.

My 5-year old daughter was working out.

I couldn’t help but smile, but I also told her to get back to her room for Quiet Time.

She wanted to do the same thing yesterday.

I’ll say it again…my 5-year old daughter was working out.

Not bad.

So in the grand scheme of kids working out I’m going to share a couple workouts with you on this fine Thursday.

First up we have a 10-minute bodyweight workout.

Bodyweight Workout In 10 Minutes

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the flow of that bodyweight workout in case you didn’t write it down:

1A) Staggered Push-up – 10 reps

1B) Bodyweight Squat – 20 reps

1C) Jump Squats* – 10 reps

1D) Plank Extension – 10 reps/arm

*If you don’t feel comfortable doing Jump Squats, swap in 1 ½ Squats instead for the same number of reps.

I also wanted to share a quick abs workout you can do before and/or after that bodyweight workout.

No video for it, but it’s pretty simple – and if you have any questions shoot me an email or leave a reply…

2A) Plank Walkout – 5 reps

2B) Side Plank Extension – 10 reps/side

2C) Jump Split Squat – 10 reps

Do those 3 exercises in a circuit for 5-minutes.  Like I just mentioned, you can do that before and/or after the bodyweight workout to increase the intensity and put a little extra “oomph” on the core.

Here’s how it would look if I were doing it…


Pre-Workout Abs Circuit

10-Minute Bodyweight Workout

Post-Workout Abs Circuit

All told it takes between 20-25 minutes, including warm-up.

Get rid of the first abs circuit if you’re pressed for time. I’d rather you put all your effort into that bodyweight workout than spending too much time on that abs circuit.  Yes, the abs are fun to work, but the bodyweight workout is where the magic will happen…not on the abs circuit.

Truth be told you don’t even have to do those 2 5-minute abs circuits…you’re more than welcome to do the bodyweight workout for two rounds, which would make me very happy!bodyweight workout

Enjoy your day.

Oh one more quick tip before we head out.

If you want a fun way to add some resistance to your squats, hold a small child on each shoulder.  They think it’s fun, and all the wobbling will make the squat feel like you’re using 500 pounds.

I’m half-joking.  I did this last weekend because Nolan loves helping count while exercising and Andrea holds him, so when I did them he was standing in front of me waiting to be held and count. I picked him up, threw him on my shoulder, and Maren wanted up too so I gladly obliged.

Good times.

Did you get a chance to read yesterday’s article about “Focus?”

If not, click here to give it a read because it’ll really help simplify your overall program.  It will really hone in on what you truly want, and if you keep the focus on those 2 things, you will accomplish your goals.

Later tater,


P.S. – Here’s another workout video for your watching, and working, pleasure.  –>

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