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Silliness, Supervillains And A Superhero To Save Your Waist Line!

The Fit Dad Is Here To Save You From The Evil Dr. Fatty!

The Fit Dad Is Here To Save You From The Evil Dr. Fatty!

I know that I promised to introduce you to Captain Fat Blaster today, but I’m still having trouble working him out of his secret lair.

He’s such a prima donna.  It’s like he’s some big movie star or something and is demanding that certain contractual agreements be met.

Oh well, I’ll keep working on him and maybe I’ll get him out before his contract tells him he has to come out of hiding on Monday of next week.

Instead today I’m going to tell you a little story.  It’s a comic book like story because…well because I’m a superhero geek and I love comic books.  That should come as no surprise if you’ve been over to my blog or website lately, because it’s littered with superhero stuff.

I’m going to tell you the story of the evil Dr. Fatty and his diabolical scheme to make and keep you fat.

Like all evil super-villains he has a legion of henchmen willing to do his evil fatty bidding.

I’ll start off with a role call of some of his more heinous buddies.

First up we have his sidekick Laze.  He’s french, so his name may look like “lazy”, but it’s pronounced more like laza.  Silly guy.

Oddly enough, even though he’s Dr. Fatty’s main henchmen he’s not very active in his evil duties.

He’s very effective, just not too eager to work.

Next up we have The Time Sucker.  He’s quick to point out that you have no time to do anything when it comes to working out, or anything fun for yourself.

He’s the little devil on your shoulder always telling you that you’re too busy to workout, or that you’ve just got too much to do so it’s OK to swing through the drive-thru and pick up a burger and fries…again.

He’s also that evil little demon who tells you that people who say you can get workouts done in around 10 minutes are stupid and don’t know what they’re talking about.

He’s about the nastiest of all the henchmen just because of his dirty little lies and how easy it is for you to believe him.

Last up we have the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  This guy is really nasty because he looks good and sounds good and a lot of other superheroes have bought into what he’s saying, unbeknownst to them that he’s pure evil.

His name is Cardio King.  You may have also heard of his wife, Cardio Queen.  They’ve got a lot of sub-henchmen that answer to them like “The Fat Burning Zone”” and “You Have  To Do Cardio for 20 Minutes Before You Burn Any Fat”.

Those are long names, I know but that’s what they like to be called.

As I’ve said, they seem harmless enough and there’s even logic behind what they say and they have fooled a lot of people into believing them.

That’s why they’re so valuable to Dr. Fatty and why he holds them in such high regard.

But they’re all evil…pure evil and they all want one thing.

That one thing is to trick you into believing that it’s too hard to lose fat and that you can’t lose the fat you want and achieve the body you want.

They’re not out for world domination like so many other super-villains, they’re just out to do their best to make you fat and unhealthy.

But who’s there to stop them?

Whoever can we call upon to come in and save the day?

Look!  Up there!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s The Fit Dad! (I hope the Superman people don’t sue me over that).

Here he comes to save the day!

The Fit Dad is here to smash the evil Dr. Fatty and all his evil henchmen to bits and pieces.

He’s here to squash each and every false teaching they proclaim as gospel.

He’s here to put an end to all the myths, lies and deception that the evil Dr. Fatty and his  silly little henchmen spew.

But how?

What’s The Fit Dad’s special power?

Is he super strong like Superman?  Well yes he is kind of strong, but that won’t really help much.

Is he super fast?  No, not really.  He did pretty poorly in track while in high school so speed isn’t his game.

Can he fly?  Ummmm, no.  His leaping ability is just about as bad as his speed, so no jumping here.

Is he at least handsome?

Now there’s something that he’s got.  He’s a pretty handsome fella if he does say so himself (I’m going to pay for that one).

Even though he’s a handsome dude, his special powers are those of breaking down all those myths and lies and giving you the truth.

He’s here to deliver fast fat loss workouts to all the innocent civilians who have been deceived by the evil Dr. Fatty and his evil goons.

He’s here to give you the most easy to understand nutritional and diet advice there is because he knows sometimes things get a little confusing.

That evil Dr. Fatty is very good at being evil and he likes to put out a lot of misinformation at once which makes it tough for the Fit Dad to counter it all, but that’s where his other superhero buddies come in.

The Fit Dad likes to talk about his other superhero buddies (like the prima donna Captain Fat Blaster) as well as some other superheroes, some even from Canada of all places, to come in and pick up the slack when the Fit Dad can’t.

They’ll deliver lots of great fat burning workouts, easy to understand nutritional tips and advice, not to mention beat the evil Dr. Fatty and his evil henchmen into submission.

Not with his jumping ability, speed or kinda OK strength…and definitely not with his fiendish good looks, rather with his ability to design the best fat loss workouts that can be done in 10 minutes, and some even in 4 minutes!

All to help you, the innocent bystander, keep the evil Dr. Fatty down.

It’s a tough job keeping Dr. Fatty, Laze, Cardio King and Queen (and their long-named buddies) and The Time Sucker, down but it’s a job worth taking for the Fit Dad and he’s more than willing to take it.

But he needs your help.

He needs you to put what he tells you into practice.  He needs you to hear what he says and actually do it, otherwise the evil Dr. Fatty will win and we don’t want that.

Dr. Fatty wreaks havoc wherever he goes and we need to stop him.

Can you help me…I mean can you help the Fit Dad?

Have a great day!

The Fit Dad

P.S. – I hope you found that at least slightly amusing.  I had a ball writing it (as my wife can attest with the constant smirk on my face).  But it’s true.  I am out to disspell all the myths out there, but I need you to put into practice what I tell you.

I need you to trust me when I tell you that you can get great workouts done in only 10 minutes and that cardio, as it pertains to fat loss, is largely overrated.

You can do it…I believe in you!

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