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Should Fruit Be Avoided If You Want To Lose Weight?

It seems as though I stirred up a hornet’s nest of confusion last week when I included pineapple in my ongoing list of fat fighting foods.

I received a lot of emails, and a couple comments, from people confused about whether fruit will make them gain fat or if the sugar content of fruit should be avoided if you’re trying to lose weight.

The sugar!  Oh lord, the sugar!

In short…no, fruit will not make you gain weight and you should NOT avoid fruit if you are trying to lose weight.

Quite the opposite actually.  If you want to succeed with your weight loss goals, or if you just want to be a healthier person, you MUST eat fruit…and lots of it.

To be totally honest, I don’t know where this whole ‘fruit makes you fat’ thing started.

I know some celebrities have been quoted as saying they lost all sorts of weight by not eating fruit – what they left out is that they didn’t eat anything and drank lots of vodka and Red Bull – but hey, who am I to judge.

But to be totally honest, that whole ‘fruit makes you gain weight’ thing is just a bunch of hooey.

For one thing, fruit is very low in calories.  Most servings of fruit are below 80 calories.  I’m sorry, but eating something that’s anywhere from 60-80 calories, has fiber, vitamins, minerals and lots of water content is not going to make you gain weight.

Unless of course you’re dousing your fruit with ranch dressing or lard.

Yes, there’s sugar in there, but most fruit also contains fiber.  Sugar has been demonized over the last few years (as it should), but don’t lump fruit in there with candy, processed junk foods and breads.

That’s like comparing apples to oranges.  Boy that was a stupid comparison, huh!

Take the apple for instance.  It’s low in calories (around 60 or 80), but has anywhere from 4-6 grams of fiber, depending upon the size of the apple.  Considering most people should be getting anywhere form 25-40 grams of fiber a day, that’s a pretty good start.

Pears, all berries, and even pineapple have fiber in them (and that’s a short list of fiber containing fruit).  If you have been following me for any stretch of time, you know how much value I put on fiber intake when it comes to dropping some flab.

Plus, when you think about the vitamins and minerals in fruit, there should be absolutely no reason whatsoever that you avoid eating as much fruit as possible.

I recently wrote an article for my boot camp ladies about the importance of phytonutrients.  Phytonutrients are powerhouse antioxidants that are found in fruits (and other foods) that have shown promise in cancer prevention and a whole host of other diseases and bad things.  You can take a multi-vitamin to get your vitamins, but not these puppies.  You need to get them from the real thing.

I really wish I could put this ‘fruit makes you fat’ myth to bed for good, but I know I won’t because some yahoo will come out with some sort of diet that says you need to avoid fruit and the media will love him, or another celebrity will come out of the woodwork and say they lost all their weight because their trainer told them to stop eating fruit.


If you really want to avoid anything having to do with fruit, avoid fruit juice.  Most fruit juices are loaded with extra sugar – even if they say ‘all natural’ – plus they don’t have the fiber content of the real thing.

Not only that, but many juices lack all the potent vitamins found in the real thing.

So, hopefully I’ve answered your questions about fruit and whether it should be avoided if you want to lose weight.

If not, let me know and I’ll try to clarify.

Have a great day!


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  • The Fit Dad

    How do you think I maintain my svelte figure? Working out and eating right? Hell no! I slam the Red Bull and vodka like crazy so that I lose weight just from being so jittery and dancing at raves with my glow sticks.

  • Maggie

    Just a quick question (although it may lead to a long answer)….. what are your thoughts on honey?

    Thank you

  • The Fit Dad

    Eat it. How’s that for a short answer!

    Seriously, though. Honey’s fine and it’s a great sweetener to use in exception to sugar or processed syrups. We add honey to our homemade protein bars and my wife adds it to some other foods as well.

    It is still sugar, so you need to be careful with how much you eat and what you eat it with, but don’t avoid it or be afraid of it.


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