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Quick and Simple Abs Workout Tips (video)

abs workout tips and core exercisesHey!

What’s goin down in your world today?  I have a sweet little video demonstrating a couple abs workout tips that I’d like to share with you.

For some reason, anytime I start to write about abs workouts and exercise my mind tends to wander to infomercials.

I love watching infomercials.  Sunday morning seems to be the best day to get your fill because they’re on virtually every channel.

Get rich quick schemes, real estate schemes (because the banks are really excited about loaning money right now…), and of course weight loss.

My favorites are the exercise gadgets that target your abs – and always give the impression they have super secret abs workout tips in the title.

They throw in these smokin’ hot fitness models, who you know wouldn’t touch that gadget with a 10-foot pole if they weren’t getting a fat paycheck and a chance to show their hot bodies to millions of people.

On the one hand it makes me sick because they’re stealing money, but on the other hand, they’re quite entertaining and teach valuable marketing lessons.

I think my favorite right now is actually something I thought vanished from existence because it was that ridiculous and that’s the shocking belts.  Those thingies you can strap to your waist and let a defibrillator shock the living crap out of your abs until you’ve whittled away all that fat and now have the chiseled midsection of the fitness model – who always seems to be doing the weirdest things in those commercials while wearing what appears to be the WWE Championship belt.


I would like to share with you a couple of wicked core exercises  and a few killer abs workout tips that do actually help you lose fat and strengthen your abs/core like gangbusters.

One of these exercises I’ve been doing for quite a while because it’s that good, and the other I just started incorporating into my workout plan and it’s pretty sweet.  Most folks would think the second one I show is more of a leg exercise (which it is), but it makes your abs go goo-goo so you don’t fall over.

To see what I’m talking about, give the video a watch…

Quick and Simple Abs Workout Tips (that are also great for strengthening your core)

YouTube Preview Image

So what do you think?  Can you give those 2 exercises a try?

You can add them as a superset to your current workout plan, or swap out some other exercises in your current plan and insert these.

Another simple abs workout tips you can do is “Book End” your workout with this stomach busting superset.  Do those 2 core exercises as a superset for 3-5 minutes before your workout, and then again at the end.

That’s a nice way to not only work your abs like crazy but also burn a ton of calories and make your metabolism go loco!

So what are you waiting for?

Give ‘em a try!

Talk soon!


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