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Quick and Effective Tabata Workout (8 of ’em)

A few weeks ago on my Facebook page I mentioned the workout I did that day and received a pretty good response – and a good responsetabata workouts for fat loss is either “Awesome!” or “Holy crap that sounded horrible!” – both of those make me smile deep down in my liver.

The kicker was this workout, like most I design, was really quick.

After warming up on the foam roller and doing a few bodyweight exercises, it only took about 18-20 minutes including rest periods.

It left me feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy and by that I mean I was sweating profusely, had a smile on my face, and felt all kinds of awesome.

Nothing too freaky – I could have quite easily gone and played with the kids and I wasn’t overly sore the next day.

It required no dumbbells, kettlebells or any other equipment.

I did it in the bedroom (get your mind out of the gutter) after getting home from training a few clients.

What was this excellent workout?

It was a Tabata Workout – more specifically it was 4 separate tabata-styled workouts.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a Tabata-styled workout is where you pick 1 or 2 exercises and alternate between 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes.

Say you chose push-ups and bodyweight squats as your two exercises.

You’d get on the floor and do as many push-ups as you could for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds and then go into squats for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds and go back to the push-ups.

You’d continue on in that fashion for 4 minutes.

You could do 1 exercise, you could do 2 or even 4, but my favorites are when only 1 or 2 are chosen for the 4-minutes.

I’ll give you a few now that you have a little rundown on what a Tabata workout looks like.

Let’s start with what I recently did:

Tabata Workout #1

no aerobics in these tabata workouts

This ain't about aerobics


Yep, I did an entire 4-minutes of Burpees and it was awesome.

Tabata Workout #2

Chin-ups/Overhead Bodyweight Squats

The chin-ups got pretty difficult toward the end.

Tabata Workout #3

Staggered Push-ups/Jumping Jacks

Don’t poo-poo Jumping Jacks.  I’ve done entire 4-minutes of Jumping Jacks and it’s awesome.  It takes you back to grade school when PE actually meant something and they make your calves feel really, really nice the next day.

Tabata Workout #4


Yep, I started and ended this workout with 4 minutes of Burpees which was all kinds of stupid and awesome.

Good times!

Here are a few other options for you…

Tabata Workout #5

Goblet Squats

If you do Goblet Squats for 4-minutes, your legs will get all wibbly wobbly in a very nice way.

Grab a weight – dumbbell or kettlebell – and hold it at your chest.  Keep your shoulder blades back and tight (no rounding of the shoulders) and really make sure you keep your chest ‘up and out’ to prevent you from going forward and up onto your toes.

It looks and sounds too simplistic, but I assure you it’s awesome…and it is simplistic 🙂

Tabata Workout #6

Close Push-ups/1 ½ Squat

Good times I assure you.

Tabata Workout #7:

Burpees/Inverted Rows

You obviously have to have a bar or something to do the Inverted Rows – my personal favorite is using the Jungle Gym XT, but you can also use a standard bar.

One more…

Tabata Workout #8:

Swings/”T” Push-ups

You could also do the Swings all by themselves, which is another one of my favorites.

You can really make Tabatas boring on paper by just doing one exercise, but if that exercise is chosen properly the workout will be anything but boring!

You don’t have to do the tabata workouts by themselves, either.  You can do what one of my tricks with clients and that’s “Book End” the puppies.

If you’d like to give that a try, here’s how it goes…

Tabata Workout #1 (use the one from above)

10-Minute Workout:

1A) “T” Push-up – 12 reps

1B) Front Squat – 10 reps

1C) Jump Squat – 12 reps

1D) DB Row – 8 reps/arm

Tabata Workout #2 (use the one from above)

You essentially sandwich a 10-minute workout between a highly metabolic tabata workout (or 2).

Okay, you are armed with enough 4-Minutes In Heaven workouts to last you for a while.


Be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

For seriousness.  If you have questions, then please ask.

Laters taters…


10 minute workout from home

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