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Quick Abs Workout

Howdy, howdy!  How’s your day going?

quick abs workout to lose stomach fat

I won’t wine and dine you with some fancy rhetoric; instead I’ll cut right to the point.

I did a quick abs workout that was more like a “finisher” yesterday and it has my abs singing today.

I define something as a workout “finisher” as a quick circuit or super-set that I do at the end of my regular workout that’s meant to take my muscles to the tipping point…make ‘em burn a bit.

Many of the add-on workouts I lay out in Fat Loss To Go are good examples of “finishers” and the one I did yesterday was specific to the abs.

It was a 3-exercise abs circuit and it didn’t have one single crunch…it was all about stabilization or flexing the abs in a different way.

The workout I did before the abs circuit didn’t necessarily hit the abs hard – in a direct manner – it was a full body workout with a little extra emphasis on my upper back in the form of a type of row and some extra Rear Flies.

Here’s the rundown of the Quick Abs Workout:

1A) DB Swing – 15 reps
1B) Plank Extension – 15 reps per arm
1C) Side Plank Extension – 15 reps per side

The two “extension” exercises are a couple fun variations of the regular Plank and Side Plank exercises that make your six pack work just a bit harder both in stabilizing your body as well as a little extra flexion.  If done right, they will make your abs sing – and not a sappy love song, either!

I did that little circuit 4 times with absolutely no rest – just one after the other…fast stomach workouts

…Boom, Boom and Boom.

A couple quick notes about this quick abs workout.

Number one, I used a dumbbell for the swings, but you can use a kettle bell if your little heart desires.  I know kettlebells are all the rage now (I use them for quite a few exercises), but you don’t have to use a kettle bell…it’s just another tool in your fitness arsenal.  It is much easier to do Swings with a KB, especially as you get stronger and use more weight (I shouldn’t have used a DB).

Number two – you need make the resistance heavy enough for the Swings and you MUST use perfect form.  The Swing is a phenomenal abs exercise when done correctly, but if you do it incorrectly it will kill your low back and/or shoulders.

Number 3 – make sure you keep your torso perfectly stable while doing the Plank Extensions.  No rocking back and forth.  You should look like you’re doing a regular plank from your knees, and the only thing moving should be your arms extending out in front of you.

And, last but not least, make sure you keep your abs braced throughout all 3 of those exercises.  Make sure you pay attention to your abs.  Touch ‘em while doing the Side Plank extensions and feel them flex and stay braced.  This is something you need to pay attention to, especially in the beginning.


Give that quick abs workout finisher a try sometime and, if done properly, your abs should be just as sore as mine the following day!

Talk to you soon!


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