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Quick Abs Workout In 7 Minutes (Video)

Hey!quick abs workout to lose stomach fat

What’s happenin?

All’s well on this end of the computer screen.  Family’s doing awesome, workouts are going awesome and my abs have been poppin’!

How’s that you say?

How does a dude like me get his abs to pop?

First, I cut the crap out that I’ve been eating lately.  I eat pretty damn well most of the time, but have let myself have a few too many treats – I justified the foods by saying I was stressed, or could work it off later, but that was just stupid.

Then I started doing some of the abs workouts I’ve been designing for other people.

Imagine that!  I actually do the workouts I design for my clients (and you)!

When I decided I wanted to sharpen up my abs and trim that stomach fat, I picked one of my favorite programs called “The Puzzle.”

The Puzzle allows you to pick and choose the body parts you want to work…and I wanted to work my abs.

I also wanted to do a bit more Metabolic stuff, so I picked a few of my special bodyweight cardio workouts to add to the mix.

Here’s a sample of one of the Core Workouts from the program.

Quick Abs Workout In 7-Minutes

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the rundown on that quick abs workout…

Perform the following abs exercises as a circuit and complete as many circuits as you can in 7 minutes:

1A) Dumbbell Swing – 20 times
1B) Burpee – 8 times
1C) Reverse Crunch – 15 times
1D) Butt Raise – 10 times

Repeat that circuit as many times possible in 7 minutes, while limiting the amount o rest you take.  We’re shooting for a major metabolic disruption that maximizes calorie burn and cranks up the intensity on the abs and causes that fat to melt off.

You would then pick either another Quick Abs Workout, or do what I did and pick another Bodyweight Cardio workout and complete your entire weight loss workout.

Total time is about 17-20 minutes and you should be spent by the end (told you it was a quick abs workout!!).

If you have the time, you can do another 7-minute abs circuit, but that’s not necessary.

Sound good?

I know it does!

Now rock on with this abs workout and get to melting that fat off your gut!


The Fit Dad

P.S. – If you want to learn more about the Puzzle and being a member of the Fit Parent Force, click here.

You can also become a member of the Fit Parent Force by grabbing a copy of my Fat Loss To Go program, and can learn more about that by clicking here.

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