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Playing the Guitar and Losing Fat? Oh yeah, they’re one and the same

I have never played a musical instrument in my life.

I didn’t sign up for band in 5th grade like Andrea, that was not considered cool in the group I rolled with.

I didn’t play that silly plastic flute looking thingy in grade school like so many other kids did.

On a side note, my 2 year old daughter has one of those and LOVES it.

But this last month I decided I wanted to learn to play the guitar.

Why the guitar?

It’s smaller than a piano, not as loud as drums and it’s just kinda cool.

Maybe it’s the wannabe rock star inside me.

No, I don’t want to wear leather pants and grow my hair long…leather pants chafe and I can’t stand the thought of taking longer in the bathroom getting ready than my wife.

What’s the point of this whole thing?

I was reading an article about learning to play the guitar and it got to the part about how often you should practice.

It said that practicing for 15 minutes a day is far better than practicing for an hour one day, then not picking the guitar up again for 3 days.

Sound familiar?

That’s exactly the type of thought you should have when it comes to working out.

It is far better to do something every day than to work out like a crazy person one day, then not do anything for a week…or 2.

I’ve talked previously about how the most important word in your “fitness vocabulary” is consistency.

You need to be consistent with your workouts and with your daily diet if you ever want to  make long-lasting changes.

You can’t toy around with the workouts for a day or two, decide it’s not for you and give up, only to try again in a month.

You can’t decide you’re going to “eat better” by cramming 10 fruits and vegetables down your gullet when you currently eat 1.

It’s far better to make small changes every day and build on them.

Do it consistently and you will see positive changes in very little time.

This is the time of year when lots of people make unrealistic goals for themselves when it comes to losing weight, or going to the gym, or whatever their fitness resolution may be, but you need to pare down those resolutions and just pick something small and manageable and be consistent with it until you have it down to a habit.

Then build on it.

Want to change your diet?

Great!  Pick a couple things to work on this week and do it consistently…every stinkin’ day until it becomes a habit then move on to something else.

Something like having a smoothie for breakfast rather than a bagel.  Or having a healthy snack of almonds and raisins rather than a candy bar and chips.

“Consistency” is why my Fat Loss To Go program revolves around 10 minute workouts done 5 days a week.

If you workout for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, then do some sort of leisurely activity the other 2, you are going to be far better off than trying to fit an hour in 3 (or more) days a week.

You know your schedule well enough to know that trying to fit in that much workout time is not going to work.

It’s too easy to find an excuse when you try to block out that much time.

But 10 minutes…everybody has 10 minutes!

Remember, it’s all about doing something positive consistently.

Over a short period of time you will notice positive results and you’ll figure out that it’s not as hard as you previously thought.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself about playing the guitar.

I’m horrible right now and my fingers hurt…but I will consistently practice and before you know it you’ll see me up on stage in my leather pants with scraggly hair…or not.

Have a great day!

Ed Scow, The Fit Dad

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