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Night Time Eating and Arms Training – Q&A Session

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What’s happenin’ in your world?

Mine’s kind of wild and wooly right now.  I currently have a Gary Clark Jr. Video playing in Youtube, Andrea and the kids are upstairs rearranging Maren’s room, with Nolan screaming at the top of his lungs and I’m perusing my inbox looking for a couple questions, and their answers, to share with you.

I found a couple winners.  One involving diet and the other involving exercise.

Imagine that?  Whodathunk I could find two such questions in my email inbox?  It’s astounding!

Anyway, enough with the smarty-pants talkin’, let’s get on with it.

The first question is about nighttime eating, an issue that plagues far too many people.

Q:  “I do pretty well with my eating throughout the day, but always, and I mean ALWAYS struggle at night.  My dinner is good, my meals and snacks throughout the rest of the day are good even though I could get better but my snacking at night is horrible.  What can I do to stop it?  How can I fix this stupid problem?” – Sally

A:  First thank you very much Sally for asking and seeking help.  You also need to congratulate yourself for eating well the rest of the day.blueberries are a great food to help you lose weight

To be totally honest you have already done the heavy lifting.  You eat well most of the day, know where you struggle and want it to stop.

That’s a HUGE step in the right direction, but now the real work begins.

Don’t let that phrase scare you because it’s actually a simple process, even though it may not always be easy.

First you need to know WHY you eat poorly in the evening.

Are you staying up too late?  If you’re staying up later than you know you should, that will cause you to seek quick digesting carbohydrates – like crackers, cereals, and other junk – to give you a quick boost.  Your brain needs that quick energy and your body goes in search.

If that’s the answer, then go to bed earlier.

It could also just be emotional or stress eating.

The evening is typically when we unwind and try to de-stress.  We often program ourselves to use food, or drink, as a means of unwinding and that gets conditioned into our psyche much like Pavlov and his slobbering dogs.

If you are using food or drink as an emotional crutch to help you unwind, then you MUST find a new outlet.  This won’t always be easy, but, just like G.I. Joe said, knowing is half the battle.

Try meditation, or God forbid, eating something healthy like an apple.  The combination of the water, fiber, vitamins and simple carbs will boost your mood and give you a little pep.

If you’re a chocolate fiend, then have a SMALL piece of organic dark cholate along with that apple.

If you eat in the evening because you’re bored, stop it.

Seriously.  Boredom is no reason to eat because boredom leads ot stupid eating.

Here’s another tip that works well for me.

First, before you seek out food, drink a tall, cool glass of water.  Drink the whole thing.  Don’t take a drink…drink it all.

Then wait 10 minutes before deciding to eat.

That usually fixes the problem, but if you’re still truly hungry after that 10 minutes seek out a small snack like the aforementioned apple, or a handful of almonds or cashews, all-natural yogurt, etc.

The water and waiting usually fixes the issue.

This may take a couple weeks to become habit, but once it does you’ll be floatin’.

Thanks Sally!

Okay now on to the exercise question…bodyweight workout program

Q:  “I’m really struggling with my arms.  I do curls like crazy, but my arms aren’t getting more defined or bigger.  I also want to have bigger triceps and combined with the curls I spend about 10 minutes or more on my arms every day during my workout.  How can I make them get bigger?” – Brandon

A:  Well Brandon I hate to tell you, but it sounds like you’re going at it the wrong way.

It’s great you want better looking arms.  Hell I want better looking arms.  I’m a dude!

But spending tons of time every day working your arms in isolation won’t do it, especially if you’re a “hard gainer” like me.


Ed’s Note:  This applies to ladies too.  Even though I’m talking to a guy, from a guy’s perspective, the ladies can still get a lot of usable information here


First, I want you to put most of your focus on the “big” muscle groups – chest, back, shoulders, and legs.  Yep, working your legs helps your arms get bigger and more defined because of the growth hormone boost.

Spend the brunt of your workout focusing on a few big exercises.

A trick I’ve been doing with my workouts is picking just 2 exercises and doing them in Alternating Sets for 10-15 minutes.  Say it’s Front Squats and Chin-ups.  I’ll do a set of 6 squats, wait 45-60 seconds, then do 8 chin-ups, rest another 45 seconds and repeat until the time is up.

Then I move on to a 4 or 5-exercise circuit for 10 minutes that’s more “metabolic” in nature.  I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks and already notice a difference.

Also when it comes to the isolation exercises, use lower reps.  Most folks tend to go for 12-15 reps for their arms because the burn and pump feel and look awesome, but I’ve noticed better results with fewer reps and heavier weights.  Drop it down to sets of 8 and see what that does.

Also cut the “arm training” down to 2-3 days per week and no more – and I’m talking the isolation stuff here.  This will be difficult for most guys, but it’s the trufus rufus.  Cut it back while using the tips I shared above and you should definitely see a difference.

Your arms are worked pretty hard while doing any of the “big” movements I mentioned earlier, and hitting them harder with isolation movements every day won’t give them time to rest and grow.

Here’s another little trick.  I know I said to knock the reps down to around 8, and use heavier weights, but on the last set increase the reps to around 15-20 and decrease the weight.  It’ll make the muscles burn, which always feels great, and your arms will look awesome.

Again, I know I was answering a guy’s question, but the same rules apply to ladies.

Thanks again Brandon!

Okay, that’s it for today.

Hopefully you can take the tips I shared with Brandon and Sally and put them to use in your own life.

I receive variations of those questions pretty often so I know they’re issues many folks have.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I’m here to help!

Here’s what I want you to do now…

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Later tater,


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