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Need An Easy Tip? Here’s One Of The Easiest I Can Give

Are you a thinker?

I am.

I sit and “brainstorm” quite often thinking I’m making progress, when all I’m really doing is spinning my wheels and limiting my results.

I felt a nice little pain in my stomach after writing that sentence, but it’s the truth.

I think too much, which is another way of saying I’m a procrastinator…and I hate it.

Procrastination pushes your results farther and farther back and is very maddening (and that’s putting it nicely).

The same thing happens when many people decide they want to get in better shape, lose weight, tone up, or whatever their goal may be.

They make the decision, then search out in hopes to find the “best” program, and the easiest program.

Last summer I had a consultation with someone who made the decision to lose weight, feel better and get stronger.  She came to me while “shopping around” trying to find the best program.  We talked for a while and she went on her way to “think about it” and compare all her research.

I called and emailed every week or so following up seeing if she made up her mind and the answer was always the same; “I’m still weighing my options.  But while I have you on the phone, could you answer a couple more questions?”

Finally 3 weeks down the road, she was still “thinking” and I decided to get tough.  I asked her why she was still thinking.

She gave a simple answer and I kept prodding hoping to find the real answer.  I knew she hadn’t decided to go with someone else because she was still taking my calls and I wanted to get to the bottom of her procrastination.

Come to find out she was afraid.

Not afraid of me (although maybe she was…), but afraid of the change.

She was afraid of making a change to her normal routine.

She wanted to make a change…

…but was afraid at what that change would feel like.

It would upset her normal routine, even though she knew her routine needed to be upset.

I told her what I’m going to tell you…

…Are you ready?

Stop thinking and just DO. (And take action on my newest program “The Wave” by clicking here –> Get The Wave For 50% Off!)

Stop weighing your options of what program is best, who’s the best, etc. and just take a step forward.

Maybe you’re not ready to decide on the right program just yet, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait.

You can still make some changes to your diet.  Swap out your bad breakfast for a healthy one.  Swap out your 100-calorie snack packs for a piece of fruit or homemade granola.

You can still move.  You can still go for a walk, do any number of the workout videos I show you on the blog, you can still do something.

Something is better than nothing.

A step in the right direction is not procrastination – it’s ACTION and action is what’s necessary.

Did I get her as a client?

No.  She thought I was calling her lazy.

But, oddly enough, we still talk from time to time because she’s still searching…

Don’t do that.

I know you can achieve your goals, but sometimes we get to a point where we’re stuck and all too often that point is with the first step.

Just move.

Stop thinking and just DO.

Talk to you soon!


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