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My Personal Eat Stop Eat Testimonial

Since yesterday’s interview with Brad Pilon hit the waves, I’ve been getting quite a few questions about intermittent fasting and what it is, if I’m being honest when I say I do it (and have for the past couple years), metabolism questions, etc.

Rather than answering every one of those questions individually (which I will anyway), I thought I’d give you the low-down onEat Stop Eat testimonial for weight loss my personal feelings toward fasting, what my day looks like while fasting, provide my personal Eat Stop Eat Testimonial and do my best to answer any questions you might have.

First, if you really want to know the truth about any of the science behind Eat Stop Eat, or intermittent fasting, you should check out Brad’s book.  I’m saying this in the nicest way possible, but Brad is a research geek.  He pours over nutrition research and I’m really quite jealous by the way his mind works.  He knows his stuff and he gets right to the point and doesn’t sugar coat anything and he really pours over the metabolism issues – whether fasting will wreck your metabolism.

The science behind the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle is pretty fascinating.  It’s worth a read just to learn more about how the body works.

To check it out, head to

Now on with my Personal Eat Stop Eat Testimonial (Story)

I am being totally honest when I say I’ve been fasting one day per week for the better part of 2 years.  Some days are better than others, but that’s largely due to what I ate the day before my fast.  It’s weird and I’ll get into that later.

Andrea has done it as well for roughly the same period of time and has had the same results (although she stopped when pregnant and nursing).

I normally fast on Mondays. I actually start Sunday evening and go to Monday evening – dinner to dinner.  I’ve found that works the best for me.  It doesn’t really matter what day you pick, just figure out which day works best for you.

So I have dinner Sunday evening, then don’t eat or drink anything with calories until dinner Monday evening.  I drink lots of water, sometimes drink a diet pop (I don’t know why, but this helps) and stay busy.

It’s as easy as that.

My day starts at roughly 5:30am with training clients and I train clients non-stop until around 12:30.  Fasting when I’m this busy with clients is very easy because my mind isn’t on food – it’s on my clients.

That’s a little secret to making Intermittent Fasting easier, and is the real story behind my Eat Stop Eat Testimonial – pick a day when you’re pretty busy and won’t think about eating.

If I do get hungry, I’ll just make sure I have some water nearby and that takes care of it.

The afternoon is usually a bit more difficult because I’m spending all of my time in front of my computer writing, returning emails, editing video, etc. and my mind can start to turn to food.

When that happens, I’ll stop what I’m doing and do a quick bodyweight workout.Eat Stop Eat Testimonial for weight loss

In yesterday’s interview I mentioned I tend to feel better doing bodyweight workouts while fasting.  I don’t really know why, but I tend to feel lighter on my feet and quicker, and my bodyweight workouts fit with that mood.

Then, at dinnertime I’ll eat.

It really is as simple as that!

A couple other things I’ve found over the past couple years.

What you eat before you start the fast matters, as does what you eat when you break your fast.

If you eat poorly all day before your fast, you will struggle immensely during the fast.  If you ate a lot of crappy carbs, drank alcohol, etc. the fast will be very difficult.

I have no idea why this is, but it’s that way with us, as well as some of my training clients who have lived the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle and I’ve heard the same thing from Brad Pilon as well.

If you eat poorly to break your fast, your stomach will get cranky.  The very first time Andrea and I fasted, we broke it with pizza.  We ended up going to a friend’s house for dinner and that’s the only option we had and we were hungry – it was our first time (the first time is always the toughest).

We ate too fast and ate poorly and that’s a surefire recipe for an upset stomach.

Now what I actually do is start off with a snack, then have dinner 30-60 minutes later.  That tends to ease my stomach into it, and I won’t make rash decisions with my meal or eat too fast.

Then, the rest of the week I eat normally and actually cheat a bit more than if I don’t fast.  I’m not in a weight loss mode, so if I was, I wouldn’t cheat any more than usual.

That’s also important to note – I’m NOT actively trying to lose weight and still fast once per week.

Why?  Because I kind of enjoy it.

There’s a sense of freedom if you don’t have to worry about preparing breakfast, snacks or meals for an entire day.  It allows me to concentrate on other things and my mind “opens” up a bit more – that may sound weird, but that’s the truth.  I’m more creative on my fasting days.

I hope that helps clear up any confusion and gives you a little insight into my personal Eat Stop Eat lifestyle.

If you’d like to learn more about the science behind it, or just learn more about the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle in general, you really should check out Brad’s site:

Okay, that’s all I have for today!

I’ll be back next time with more videos, workouts and nutrition tips!  I just finished filming a bunch of workout videos for the month of November, so be on the lookout for those!


P.S. – I am required to tell you that if you click that link and then do the drastic and actually purchase Brad’s Eat Stop Eat book, I’ll make a few bucks.  If a lot of people click through and buy, I promise to use all that money on dangerous and silly things like yo-yo’s and silly bands.  In all honesty, and I hope my Eat Stop Eat Testimonial helps, Brad’s program is the easiest and simplest weight loss method I’ve ever come across…and that’s a high compliment.  You should at least check it out.

My Eat Stop Eat testimonial to lose weight with intermittent fasting

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