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More Baby Pictures and A Diet Tip…quite the weird combo


Okay, I’m keeping this puppy short.


Because yesterday was the day we headed home from the hospital with Nolan! Yep, we finally got to head home and the next couple days are going to be a bit busy (along with all the new hospital bills!)…and I’m sure “busy” is an understatement!

Again, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of feedback and congratulations I’m getting from everyone. It’s always an awesome feeling to get words of encouragement from awesome folks like you.

I wanted to share a very quick diet tip with you today.

What kind of diet tip?

Nothing fancy.

It’s actually something I went over in the December issue of The Fit Parent Force Monthly and its’ about the importance of adding something called Probiotics to your diet.

I dove into the world of Probiotics – what are they, why they’re important and how to get them – in the December issue and the people who took my suggestions and started adding them have really noticed positive changes in the way they feel and even weight loss.

Again, this is a very abbreviated version of that article – it was approximately 15 pages or so…

We all need probiotics to maintain a healthy immune system and healthy digestive system.

One way I like to think of them is as little scrubbing bubbles for my digestive system. They help keep things clean and help nutrients get absorbed into our blood stream.

Think about it this way – what good is it if you pay attention to your diet and workout if none of the extra nutrients you’re taking in can be absorbed because of a layer of goo that’s preventing the uptake?

First night at home as a family of 4!

It won’t do you much good at all. It’s kind of amazing the amount of “stuff” that can sit in our digestive systems – undigested food and waste – and the addition of probiotics (along with the all important fiber) help to clean things up and allow your body to absorb nutrients and filter out waste products.

That may not be the prettiest mental picture, but it’s true!

Most people know that you can get probiotics from yogurt, but you need to pay attention to the sugar content of the yogurt. I don’t want you justifying having a sugar-laden yogurt because it’s rich in probiotics.

You should stick with organic or all-natural versions of yogurt to make sure you get the probiotic benefit without the evil sugars or having to deal with dairy side effects if you have a delicate digestive system.

Another easy way to get probiotics is from something called Kefir. I actually put a half serving of Kefir in my smoothies every day and it has more probiotics than yogurt.

You can make your own kefir…but there’s no way I’m doing that!

Andrea buys our kefir from Trader Joe’s or the grocery store and it’s usually in the dairy section near the yogurts (yours may put it in the Health Food section). It comes in different flavors, but ordinarily any flavor other than “plain” also has extra sugar added.

You don’t want the extra sugar.

We buy plain and add it to our smoothies and you can hardly taste it, but you still get all the gut-healthy benefits of the probiotics.

That’s an incredibly brief version of the article I wrote for the December issue of Fit Parent Force Monthly, which you have access to as a member of FPF Monthly, along with the current issue which we spoke about a couple days ago.

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Okay, I’m done. I’m tired and ready to get home.

Talk to you soon!


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