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Monday Workout

I’ve been a bad fitness boy and haven’t been keeping up on my workouts as well as I wanted to the last couple weeks.

Oh sure I’ve done the 10 minute thing, but my goals have changed and I’m needing more workout time…and I’ve been wussing out.

But today is a new day.

I’ve made it through all the holiday rig-a-ma-roll and have come out smelling like roses.  Fatter roses than two weeks ago, but roses nonetheless.

My new workout program is kind of cool.

I am actually stealing a program I designed for a client because I liked it so much.

It’ll only take me about 25 minutes a day to do and is to help me beef up a little.  I am still trying to gain back all the weight I lost this Fall due to my “I’m so stressed out I just might shoot someone” period.  There’s nothing special about today’s workout, so I hope you weren’t expecting some grand epiphany by reading it.

Anywho, here’s the workout for today:

Deadlift – 4 sets of 6 reps

2A)  DB Row – 3 sets of 8
2B)  DB Reverse Lunge – 3 sets of 8

3A)  Chin-up – 3 sets of 12
3B)  1-Leg Hip Extension with foot on stability ball – 3 sets of 12

4A)  Standing Pulldown – 2 sets of 15
4B)  RDL – 2 sets of 15

Here’s the fun part.  If I have time, I finish up with a 4 minute tabata style arm circuit but throw in some burpees.

As a dude it always feels good to do a little biceps work…curls for the girls and all.

The only problem is I don’t have mirrors at my studio so I can’t gawk at myself like all the other dudes at the gyms.

I’ll still kiss my biceps with every curl.  Maybe I’ll even wear my sunglasses while I do my curls.  Plus I can’t forget to go shave my arms when I’m done.

OK I’ll stop making fun of those guys now.

Have a great day!

The Fit Dad

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