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Lose Batwing Arms and Bye-Bye Arms


This is a new phrase for me…batwing arms.

I’ve heard of “bye-bye arms” as in even when you stop waving, your arm fat just keeps on flapping, but batwing arms is a new term for me.

It’s kind of funny.

I know it’s a huge issue with most women and virtually every female client of mine has always said they want to get rid of those batwing arms or bye-bye arms.

The problem comes in with the route that many women take to lose the batwing arms.

It usually entails some sort of fad diet and lots of cardio, or maybe they introduce some arm specific exercises using soup cans for resistance like tricep kickbacks.

That is not the way

You cannot spot reduce and following some crazy diet in hopes of getting rid of batwing arms will do nothing for you.

You need to take a two-step process if you want to lose the batwing arms and get nice toned arms…arms that look good in a tank-top.

The first thing you need to do is reduce the amount of fat in your whole body…not just worrying about your arms.

You cannot spot reduce. Your body just doesn’t work that way.


So you need to focus on doing full body workouts, with full body exercises.  Things like push-ups, squats, rows, lunges, planks, presses, etc.

Those exercises work virtually every muscle in your body and when combined into one workout will have you burning so much fat your batwing arms will be gone before you know it.

Your workout can also have some extra emphasis on the arms, if you need it.

You can throw in a few more push-up variations, dips or shoulder presses in order to really hit those triceps hard.

But you cannot, I repeat you cannot, use “pink weights” or soup cans and do weenie exercises and expect to lose your batwing arms, or bye-bye arms.

As far as nutrition, you need to focus on eating whole foods.  By that I mean lots of fruits and vegetables and actual “real” food.  Nothing that comes from a bag or box like crackers, cookies, processed grains, etc.

Follow those two steps and you’ll be well on your way to losing the batwing arms and getting rid of your arm fat.

Have a great day!


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