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Jungle Gym XT and Diet Support From Family Q&A Session

So Nolan turned 2 last week, and that really freaked me out.

It doesn’t seem like 2 years ago that he graced this world with his presence (too haughty?).  I can still vividly remember everything about that day – how nervous, yet incredibly excited I was to have another child.

It’s crazy how fast time goes.

One minute you’re holding your newborn, the next you’re chasing him around the house because he has your phone and somehow knows how to unlock it.

Time moves, and in terms of fitness/weight loss, it moves really fast.  Sure, the individual days may seem long, especially those days when you want to skip your workout, or if that last piece of cheesecake is really calling your name, but all-in-all, the days, weeks, and months move fast.

Don’t get caught up on the individual days, instead think of the bigger picture.  Always remember your goals, what you’re striving for, and keep moving forward.  You will struggle, you may curse and swear, but it’s worth it.

Okay, now let’s get on with today’s Q&A session!

lifeline-jungle-gym-xt-exercise-3Q: “Hey Ed!  I read your post a couple weeks ago recommending diet books (click here to read that post) and did in fact buy one of them.  Great read!  My question is about a piece of exercise equipment.  Do you use a TRX?  Do you have clients use a TRX?” – James

A:  Thanks James!  Glad to hear you gained some insight on carbohydrates, specifically wheat, from those books.

As to your question, I don’t use a TRX, but I do use something from a different company called a Jungle Gym XT and I LOVE it.

I use it in pretty much every single workout and have virtually all my clients use it.  The set-up is very similar to a TRX, but my personal preference is the Jungle Gym XT

For those of you reading this that don’t know what that is, it’s a couple of straps you can suspend from pretty much any sturdy source – ceiling rafter, door, top crossbar on an Olympic cage, pull-up bar, sturdy tree branch, etc. That you can then use for exercises like inverted rows, push-ups, flies, dips, chin-ups, mountain climbers, and leg curls.

It’s a great way to add intensity to your workout, without changing things up.  It works the muscles you’re trying to work harder, makes the support muscles kick in just a wee bit more, and works your abs like bonkers.

I have a few Youtube videos demonstrating a few exercises and you can click here, here and here to give those a watch.  The Jungle Gym XT is one of my favorite pieces of equipment and will use it forever…and it’s relatively inexpensive as well.

Q:  “Hey Ed!  I’m well on my journey of losing 40 pounds, but I’m having trouble getting help from my husband and kids.  My parents are even being jerks sometimes.  How can I get my family to understand what I’m doing and also get them to make changes too?”  -Beth

A:  That’s awesome Beth! Congratulations on already seeing results and the confidence in knowing you will achieve your goal!

never give upThe family thing can be tough, but the first thing I would do is not pester them.  You caid “get them to make changes too,” which means you’ve probably been a big “naggy,” which nobody likes.

I don’t mean to be harsh, and apologize if that sounded so, but imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and your husband made suggestions to you on exercise, diet, etc. or even if he just asked you to workout with him on a daily basis?

This can be a tough thing for many loved ones because it can feel as though your spouse is telling you there’s something wrong with them.  Also, that person probably knows, even though they may not admit it, that they do need to lose weight, but have some anxiety about it, are a little depressed, and don’t want someone else pushing them to make the change…even if the change needs to happen.

So I’d just cut it out and know that they will come around once they see the new changes STICK with you, how awesome you look and feel, and how simple the process was and that living that life doesn’t mean you have to turn into an exercise addict, or only eat “health junk.”

That’s the true key – YOU must first live the life, maintain the life and be the role model…without pushing.

Once they see YOU living the life, the change will start to happen and you must be encouraging on their journey.

Beyond that, as far as support on your end, just ask.

Tell your spouse and family what you’re trying to do and ask for their support.

Sure they may roll their eyes a bit at your new “craziness,” but if they truly do love you and don’t relish the role of being a pain in the ass, they will, at the very least, support you.

It’s amazing what you get when you ask 😉

Also tell them WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, and make it about more than looking good, or any other “vanity” issue, even if that’s the primary reason (and there’s nothing wrong with that).  Tell them you want to feel better, aren’t comfortable with how you feel and want to have more energy.

I hope that helps!

Well, that’s all for today folks!

Let me know if you have any questions…I’m here to help.


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