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Is Your Fat Loss Workout ‘Hard’ Or Effective And What’s The Difference?

Just because a fat loss workout is hard doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good workout.

Did that statement make sense?

I’ll give you an example.  Let’s say you go to an exercise class and they make you do a triceps exercise for 3 minutes straight (like kickbacks).  That is very hard to do, but that doesn’t make it a good workout.

Any goober in spandex and a tank top can make a fat loss workout difficult.

That’s easy.

Make the muscles burn.  Slap a bunch of exercises together that make the person think they’re working hard and bam there’s a hard workout.

But is that workout a good workout?

Does it make you get closer to your goals or just make you feel good for a day about how “hard” you worked?

Take for instance this circuit workout I did today:

1A)  Decline Push-up – 15 reps
1B)  DB Reverse Lunge – 8 reps per leg
1C)  Stability Ball Jack Knife – 12 reps
1D)  DB Rear Flies – 10 reps
1E)  DB Incline Chest Press – 10 reps
1F)  Burpees – 10 reps

I did as many total circuits as I could in 15 minutes (I know most workouts I give you only take 10 minutes, but I wanted to go a little longer on this one), tried to rest the least amount possible and I felt awesome afterward.

There were only 6 exercises in that circuit, yet it worked virtually every muscle in my body.

The key to a really good fat loss workout is making it difficult enough to see results (duh!), yet making sure you work the body in a way that you can still function.

By “function” I mean that you can complete the workout with proper form AND still get on with your day.

Not only that, but a good workout also takes into account the fact that muscles need rest.  If you keep working the same muscles, in the same way, day-after-day and week-after-week, without resting or changing things up a bit, not only will you not see the results you’re after, but you could start to get achy, tired and irritable.

The muscles you work need rest.  That’s one big key that many people overlook in their workout programs.

Do your workouts adhere to those rules and do they look like the one I just showed you or are you in the rut of making a workout seem “hard” when it’s actually pretty worthless?

Have a great day!


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