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Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Good or Bad For You?

Have you heard?  It seems as though I was wrong in telling everyone they should stay away from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

It seems as though since I’m not a doctor, I’m an idiot.

It seems as though since I’m informed and read about health and fitness and tell the truth, I’m a fear monger and quite possibly just plain stupid.

At least that’s what the new advertising campaign put forth by the people who load all our foods and drinks up with HFCS are trying to say (that’s the Corn Refiner’s Association in case you’re wondering).

Have you seen any of the television commercials or read any of their ad campaigns?

If you haven’t, I’m not going to tell you what they’re saying because it’s worthless dribble.

What’s disturbing is that the dots are very easy to connect and they’re hoping we all shove our heads in the sand and just believe what they have to say.

Here’s the truth.

Since the late 1970’s and early 1980’s high fructose corn syrup has replaced refined sugar as the number one sweetener.

Never mind the fact that HFCS is 20% cheaper to produce than refined sugar or that it’s a 4.5 BILLION dollar industry…yes I said billion.

Ooh, I can sense a conspiracy theory coming on…follow the money!

I’ll skip the conspiracy theories in this email, even though I love a good conspiracy theory.

Let’s just list some of the facts with high fructose corn syrup shall we, and see if you can connect the dots?

Since HFCS has been introduced to the marketplace, obesity rates have tripled.  Yes, I said tripled.

On the surface, that’s not enough to link the two, but let’s go a little deeper.

The average person consumes 73.5 POUNDS of the stuff every single year.  That’s over 3 times the weight of my daughter.

That’s as big as my dear old German Shepard, Bud, was…God rest his dear old soul.

Come to think about it, that’s probably how much some supermodels weigh.

Can you imagine eating a high fructose corn syrup statue of your favorite supermodel?

OK, that was a weird statement, but hopefully it helped you picture what I’m trying to tell you.

One of the worst statements these commercials are trying to put forth is that HFCS is “all natural” and that it’s “made from corn” or “it’s no worse than table sugar”, and my favorite “it contains the same calories as table sugar”…please

While it’s true that the calorie number is the same, HFCS is far from “all natural” unless you count  over 30 chemical reactions that need to take place to turn a bush of corn into a big goopy tub of HFCS.

I’m not even going to get started on the statement that it’s no worse than sugar, because that’s just plain wrong.  I’m not going to bore you with some scientific babble about insulin, leptin, hunger triggers, etc. but I will say this…

…even if that were true, who cares if it’s no worse than sugar, given that we know sugar is not very healthy, especially if you want to lose fat!

Back to the “all natural” argument.  Did you know that there’s really no clear cut definition of what “all natural” even means?

It’s true, and that’s why Dorito’s chips had “all natural” written on their bag not too long ago.  Can you believe that?

To most people with half a brain, all natural means that something is as close to the original product as possible.  So things like fruit, vegetables, real fruit juices, legumes, even some crackers and breads, etc. would be “all natural” to me.

And as I said before, HFCS is not even close  to being all natural.  Just because it started out as kernels of corn does not make it all natural, especially when it has to go through 30 chemical processes to turn it into HFCS.

All you really need to know is that HFCS is not even close to being healthy for you, and it will make you gain fat.

OK, I’m done with my rant.

Boy, writing that really made me feel good!

Have a great day!

Ed Scow

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