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Instantly Shrink Your Waist By 1-2 Inches

I’m sorry about the subject line, but I wanted to make sure you read this.

But that is the most common question I get, not only from clients but from everyday people who have found out I’m a personal trainer.

"How do I get rid of this…quickly?"  It’s usually asked while grabbing a hold of a little goo sitting on the tummy.

The proper answer is that it takes exercise and better eating habits, but there is a quicker answer that may surprise you.

All you have to do is learn to control your abdominal, low back and butt muscles and you will instantly lose a couple inches off your stomach.

It’s not really magic, it’s just learning to use proper posture while sitting and standing.

Today’s population has horrible posture.  I see it everyday, not only in my training studio and massage clients, but just from "people watching".

Everybody is slouching with rounded shoulders, flat butts or they let their gut hang out which gives them a big curve in their lower back.

That’s why I am constantly telling my training clients to keep their tummies tight while doing their fat loss workouts.

The ladies in my boot camps can attest to this.  I’m constantly harping on them to keep their tummies tight.

 I can tell when they are and when they aren’t, because their stomachs will shrink by a couple inches when they keep their stomachs tight and controlled.

It’s probably the easiest thing you can do, right now, to make your stomach shrink.  Not only that, but your body will feel better.

When you have poor posture, or let your stomach muscles get too relaxed, your body has to work harder to keep you upright.  That means you’ll get tired easily.

Not only that, but you won’t perform as well in your day-to-day tasks.  All because of poor posture.

So here’s what you can do right now, while reading this, to help remedy the situation.

Sit up straight, or stand up straight.  Lift your chin up so you’re looking straight ahead.

Pull your shoulders back by squeezing your shoulder blades together.  Lift your chest up and relax your shoulders so you’re not all hunched up.

Now contract your abs like someone is going to punch you in the gut.  Not too hard, just enough that you know they’re tight.

Now, if you’re someone who lets their gut hang out, creating a nasty curve in your lower back, I want you to tighten your glutes
(butt) and "tuck your tail under" so that your stomach comes back and that curve in your low back goes back to normal.

If you’ve done this right, you should look like a soldier standing at attention.

There’s a reason soldiers look so fit and intimidating when they’re standing at attention.  They’re using perfect posture (plus they’re in damn good shape).  They’re standing upright without any hunches and are not letting their guts hang out.

Practice this routine multiple times per day until it becomes routine.

Not only that, but when you’re exercising, concentrate on keeping your stomach tight.  You will be amazed at the results you see in the mirror.  Actually, that’s another good tip.  Practice this in front of a mirror.

You, and the people around you, will think that you have lost 10 pounds.

Have a good day!

Ed Scow

P.S. – Every one of the workouts in my Fat Loss To Go program focus not only on fat loss, but giving you better posture.  I didn’t design the program using any of the fancy machines found in a health club, which can make the problems worse.  These workouts will give you better posture, when done correctly, and will have you keeping your stomach tightened, which will help you lose even more inches off your waist line.  Check it out at

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