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Incredibly Simple, Yet Effective Bodyweight Workout


So how’d you do with last week’s Challenge?

Were you able to fit those push-ups, squats and burpees in on a regular basis?

I did last week’s Challenge and absolutely loved it. It was quick and simple and added a lot of extra “oomph” to my workouts.

Good times I assure you!

I have another workout-themed Challenge for you this week and it’s awesome.

To tell you the truth it’s probably one of my all-time favorite workouts.


Because it uses only your own bodyweight – which also means it can be done virtually anywhere.

It doesn’t take much time.

It’s scaleable to your fitness level.

And because it’s so deceptively difficult it’s incredible!

What is this Challenge I speak of?

It’s the infamous Push-up/Squat Ladder!

Before I tell you how often I’d like you to do this Challenge, let’s first cover what it is and a few tips…

It’s quite simple.

It consists of two exercises – push-ups and bodyweight squats.

The push-ups must be perfect, and the squats must be perfect. If you use poor form in either exercise, the quality of the Challenge will suffer (as is the case with all workouts).

Start off with 1 push-up, then immediately stand up and do 1 squat…

Then, get back on the floor and do 2 push-ups, immediately followed by 2 squats…

Then, get back on the floor and do 3 push-ups, immediately followed by 3 squats…

Continue on in this fashion – 4 push-ups/4 squats, 5 push-ups/5 squats, etc. Until you get all the way up to 10 of each.

Once you reach 10, do 10 more and then go back down to 1.

Up the ladder to 10, back down the ladder to 1.

Make sense?

Again, this is deceptively difficult, so don’t poo-poo this Challenge.

Also remember to use perfect form on both the push-ups and squats – keep the abs tight, move through a full range of motion and make each rep count.

The better you get, the less you’ll stop in the higher reps and the quicker you’ll get done.

A couple other quick notes:

If you find the normal push-ups are too easy, especially in the lower reps, bump it up to a more advanced version.

Some of my favorites are Close Grip Push-ups (which put more emphasis on the triceps), Staggered Push-ups and Spider-Man Push-ups, but feel free to use whatever variation you’d like.

On the flip side, if normal push-ups are too difficult, especially in the higher reps, don’t let that stop you from doing this workout. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing them from your knees or doing Incline Push-ups.

All that I ask is that you make whatever style you use count.

As for the squats, I’d like you to only use Bodyweight Squats because I don’t want the tempo of the workout to suffer. This  workout is all about speed – no rest and the least amount of time possible between exercises.

However, you can do 1 1/2 squats if you’d like…especially on the lower reps.

How often would I like you to do this Challenge?

Shoot for 4 or 5 days this week and that’s in addition to your normal workout 🙂

Insert Ed’s evil laugh here…

Continue on with devilish laugher…

Still a little more…

Okay, I’ve composed myself.

Get on with this bad boy and feel the burn…I mean love.

Good day kind people.



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