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How To Prevent Winter Weight Gain

This time of year always brings mixed emotions for me.

On the one hand I love the cool, crisp fall weather.

I love football season.

I love that I don’t start sweating the moment I step outside.

But there are things I don’t like too like going from green leaves to beautifully colored leaves to no leaves.

Going from plush green grass to brittle grass that crunches under your feet.

And the fact that the cold weather makes it nearly impossible for people to get outside and be active, unless you’re an Eskimo.

This leads to people becoming less and less active, eating more, and going into a sort of hibernation mode, except you’re not sleeping for the winter like a bear you’re just gaining the extra layer of flabby goo.

But how do you counteract that seemingly impossible feat of getting and staying fit when the weather doesn’t let you get outside and be active?

Luckily this town is flooded with health clubs so that’s one option.

You could also give your friendly local personal trainer a call and he’ll help you out…hint, hint.

Another option, which is pretty easy, is to just take your workouts inside your own home.

There’s no extra commute.  The cost isn’t that great and there are plenty of options for workouts if you’re a little creative.

Take this bodyweight only workout I gave to a client yesterday.

Do this workout as a circuit, moving from one exercise to the next with little to no rest.  Repeat the circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes and you’re done.

1)    Push-up – 10 reps
2)    Bodyweight Squat – 15 reps
3)    Plank – 30 seconds
4)    Hip Extension – 15 reps
5)    Push-up – 10 reps
6)    Forward Lunge – 10 per leg
7)    Mountain Climber – 15 per leg

What’s great about this workout is that it can be done first thing in the morning before you do anything else, which will cut out the “I don’t have time” excuse.  Plus it takes no extra space because there’s no added equipment.

And it’ll fire up your metabolism so you’ll start your day off with a fat burning kick.  And really, who doesn’t want a little extra kick when it comes to fat burning?

Another great thing about this little workout is that because it’s a bodyweight only workout you are going to be working virtually every single muscle in your body, including all those little posture muscles that we neglect and torture nowadays.  It’ll also help improve your posture, which everybody needs help with.

If you don’t know how to do an exercise you can just google it and a number of videos will pop up, or you can shoot me an email and I’ll give you a link to one of my YouTube videos.

So give it a try and do your best to keep that winter flubber from sneaking up on you before it’s too late.

Have a great day!


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