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How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Fat

Yesterday I was interviewed by a wonderful British fella by the name of Noel Lyons.

It was a pretty good interview and you’ll have to remind me to give you the link to listen for yourself.

But we go to talking about motivation and goal setting and I didn’t get a chance to reveal some of the things I wanted to because we got off onto a different subject, and I want to share some of those things with you now.

I’m a big believer in goal setting, “mind mapping”, law of attraction, etc.  I believe whole-heartedly in many things that are viewed as “new age” by a lot of people and brushed aside as crap or worthless hippie dribble.

Now, having said that, I don’t believe that you can just sit down on your couch, think of something you want and then BAM! you receive what you’ve set your mind to.  That’s not at all what the law of attraction or goal setting is about at all.

You can’t achieve anything without taking some sort of action.

However, I totally believe that amazing things can happen if you believe…and you take the necessary steps.

That’s where many people trip up.  They don’t take the necessary steps, or they begin to take the necessary steps and the “realist” in them says they can’t achieve what they want.

Let me put that last sentence this way…

…do you remember the cartoons where Bugs Bunny (or whomever) would be faced with a difficult situation and a little angel and little devil would pop up on his shoulders?

The devil would try to convince Bugs that he should do the bad thing, while the angel tried to convince him to do the good thing.

I believe that we all have a form of that little angel and devil sitting on our shoulders, but in the sense of goal achieving and striving to better ourselves, the devil is not the devil at all, but rather our “realist” self.

The part of us that says “I can’t lose fat because it’s in my genes to be fat.  I’m always going to be fat.”

“I’m not smart enough for that.”  “He’s just lucky.”  “She’s got lots of money, that’s why she can have kids and look that way.”

Or, “I’ve got too much going on, you can’t possibly fit in a workout.”

You can even stretch those “realist” statements into your career, home life, kids, dreams and aspirations, etc.

We’ve all got that little “realist devil” sitting on our shoulders trying to convince us that you can’t achieve what you really want and what you know you can achieve.

Some people’s devil is stronger than others, which is why some people seem to achieve things a lot better than others.

It has nothing to do with luck, genes, money, or whatever.

If you believe so strongly in what you want, you can achieve it.

But you HAVE to shut that realist devil up!

Kick him off your shoulder and instead let the dreamer and action taker “angel” take over and put you in the driver’s seat to achieving your goal.

You can achieve your goals, but you have to take the necessary actions.

Write your goal down and tell someone else about it.  A goal means nothing if it remains in your head.  It stays a dream if you don’t get it out and verbalize it or put it on paper and remind yourself of it constantly.

Then you have to figure out what steps need to be taken to get yourself closer to that goal.

Do you need to buy some exercise equipment?  Do you need to clean all the junk out of your cupboards?

Do you need help knowing what to buy at the grocery store?

You need to know what steps need to be taken to succeed.

The last thing you need to focus on is that the changes won’t happen overnight.

Nothing worthwhile happens in an instant.

It takes time and patience.

If your goal is to lose fat, you need to cram it into your head that you didn’t gain the fat overnight, so there’s no way you can lose it overnight…or even in a few weeks.

Whatever your goals and dreams are, you need to remember that so you don’t get frustrated and give up.

You can achieve your goals.

I believe in you and will help you in any way I can, but you have to believe in yourself and kick that little “realist” devil off your shoulder.

Have a great day!


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