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How To Lose Butt Fat

Sorry guys, but this one is for the ladies only.

Also, if you are a guy and you’re reading this, I don’t recommend forwarding it on to your wife or girlfriend unless you want to become single or any less of a man.  Just a cautionary warning.


I haven’t come across too many ladies who are totally pleased with their butt and didn’t want to lose butt fat.

Actually I can’t remember meeting one woman who, when it got down to what they wanted, was totally satisfied with the size, or "roundness" of her butt.

Some have wanted a bigger, rounder butt, but most women I meet want their butt to be smaller, yet round…or "A butt that stops traffic" as one former client put it.

So what does it take to lose inches off your butt?  Is it all about some "sculpting" exercise you learned about in some women’s magazine?

Or maybe you need to use the latest gadget found on late night infomercials or some magic lotion that you slather on your booty.

All of those things are wrong, and you should never, ever buy those gizmos off the late night infomercials.  Not when you can get better exercises done without spending anything.

The first thing you need to fix is your nutrition.  Are you eating for a nice butt?  A butt worthy of a bikini, or tight jeans?

That doesn’t mean you have to go on some crazy crash diet.  Quite the opposite. You need to eat enough to maintain your muscle, because muscle is what gives you a nice butt.

You need to make sure you eat lots of fruits and vegetables throughout the day and that could be by eating whole, raw fruits and vegetables, or by preparing your own smoothies made with real fruits and veggies, not juices.

You also need to make sure you’re getting enough protein and fat.  Yes I said fat.  You need to consume fat if you really want to lose inches off your butt.  However the fat should come from healthy nuts like almonds, or cold water fish like salmon and albacore tuna.  Eating those will also ensure you get your protein and fiber.

But what exercises should you do to lose butt fat?

Forget about those "sculpting" moves found in the latest women’s magazine from the checkout line at the grocery store.

You need to do exercises that use a lot of muscle and thus burn a lot more fat.

You need to do exercises like squats and lunges.  You need to do them with your own bodyweight and/or you need to add some resistance in the form of dumbbells

You should also do your exercises in the form of supersets or circuits.

Try this mini-circuit the next time you’re at the gym or in your home gym.

1A)  Dumbbell Reverse Lunge – 8 reps per leg
1B)  Bodyweight Squat – 15 reps
1C)  Hip Extension – 15 reps

Perform those 3 exercises as a circuit moving from one to the next with little to no rest and repeat the circuit 3-4 times.

That circuit, if done properly, will work the butt muscles hard.  Add that circuit to the beginning of your workout, when you’re still fresh and do it 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks and you will have a smaller, firmer, rounder butt by the end of that month.

Have a good day!


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