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How To Kick Start Your Program and Get Out Of A Weight Loss Plateau

What’s goin’ down in your neck of the woods?  All’s good on this end.  I did eat my lunch a bit too fast, which is never good.  Seems I need to take a bit of my own advice and eat slower and not wait so damn long between meals 🙁

I initially thought about answering a few questions in this puppy, but I decided to just cover one.

There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t receive this question, so it’s obvious that it’s a hot-button issue.

It’s all about “How to Get Out of a Weight Loss Plateau”

The most recent question came from my homeboy Shaun.

Shaun has made some pretty nice progress, but thinks he’s hit a plateau and wants to know how to kick start his weight loss again to keep on pace with his goal.

First, kudos to Shaun for noticing he’s hit a plateau and seeking help in getting things going AND a big slap on the back to him for following the Fit Dad’s plan and achieving awesome results!

This is what I told Shaun and am now telling you – and I’ll throw in a few other things as well just to cover ALL the bases.

The first thing I told him to do was to make sure he’s truly hit a plateau and hasn’t reverted back to some of his old fat-gaining habits and just thinks he’s hit a plateau.

That may sound a bit like I’m trying to give him a non-answer, but it’s a very common problem.

Often times, especially in the beginning of a new program, the weight comes off pretty easily.  It’s something new and different that your body isn’t used to and you’re excited to be doing something new.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

The problem comes in when a few weeks go by and you stop noticing a difference in the mirror, or the scale (although I don’t really care about the scale).

You have to take a step back and look at what you’ve been eating and how hard you’ve been working over the past couple of weeks.

This is where the food and workout journal really come in handy.  If you don’t know the road you’ve traveled, you have no idea how to answer this question.

Assuming you’ve been working hard in your 10-minute workout program and sticking to a sound nutrition program, the next thing you need to think about are some other variables like stress and sleep.get out of a weight loss plateau

Have you been abnormally stressed out lately?

If you answer yes, that could be the big sticking point.  Sure, some people lose weight when they’re stressed (like our very own President), but most either stall or gain weight (including me).  Stress releases a host of hormones that cause you to hold onto the weight you have and even shuttle MORE fat to your stomach.

Not cool.

Have you been lacking in the sleep department lately?

If you answer yes, that could also be a big sticking point for the very same reasons I just mentioned with stress.  Lack of sleep is a stressor just like having a bad day at work or trouble at home.

Not only that, but when you sleep is when your body goes in to repair mode and if your body can’t repair itself properly, you will suffer the consequences and hitting a weight loss plateau is minor in comparison.

Assuming you have been sticking with a solid workout and nutrition program, aren’t stressed and are getting enough sleep…then what?

Well, then you can do one of 3 things.

First, take a week off from working out.

I’m serious.

Stop doing your workouts.  Scratch that…don’t stop completely, just switch things up to an easy walk every day or at least 4 days per week.  Easy walking is a good stress reliever and helps the body repair a bit better.

It’s amazing how well this works.  But this is only the case for those who have been working their tails off for months on end with no break…not days or weeks.

The next thing you can do is kick yourself in the ass.  Not literally of course, but in terms of your workouts.

Take a week and really step things up a few notches.  Do more metabolic workouts rather than simply resistance-based workouts.  Add more exercises that make you breathe heavily and make you shake 🙂

Sometimes this is enough to get the results moving again.

A third option is to shake things up nutritionally.  Add a day of intermittent fasting (this can work wonders).

get out of a weight loss plateau with intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting Can Work Wonders In Breaking a Weight Loss Plateau

Have a smoothie-only day.  I’m talking homemade smoothies here, not the commercially bought ones or the ones that you tear open a pouch and shake it up.  Use REAL foods.

Try carb rotation.  This gets a bit more difficult, and I go into it in my Fat Loss To Go program, but can be very helpful and can be just the key you need to kick your own ass.

Okay, that should be enough for you to get started.

But the first thing you should do if you’ve hit, and want to get out of a weight loss plateau, is to take a step back and look at your previous few weeks – and that’s why keeping a food and workout journal is very, very important.

Talk to you soon!

The Fit Dad

P.S. – I’ve hit quite a few plateaus with my workouts and physique and the things that always help me get out of a weight loss plateau are Carb Rotation and cutting back on interval training and resting at least 1 day per week.

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