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How To Get Rid Of Your Stomach Fat…FOREVER!

tumblr_m6jmunqt471ryxnazo1_500Bright and early this morning I received an interesting question.

Well, it wasn’t too bright, it was actually quite dark, but still early…too damn early.

My client asked, “Ed, what can I eat to get rid of this stomach fat?” He was also grabbing big hunks of fat with both hands and shaking it, as if I didn’t know he, in fact, had a pillow sitting on top of his abs.

The question wasn’t odd, or even one that I don’t get often, but it was interesting because it was presented in the opposite of common thought.

Most people ask what they should AVOID to get rid of fat, not what they should EAT.

Most questions are about foods to cut out to cut the fat.

That’s usually what people think to do first – cut out foods, cut out calories, cut, cut, cut.

So which is it?  Should you cut out food, or add food?

Should you focus on eating certain foods, as though they magically remove your unwanted fat, or should you focus on cutting out a number of calories/foods that add fat to your stomach, butt, arms and thighs?

You won’t like my first answer…


Sucks, right?

You want simple answers and I present something that’s the opposite.

Good times.

Allow me to better explain…

I wholeheartedly believe that ADDING certain foods will help you burn fat.

I find focusing on the positive – the addition of good things – is much more worthwhile than focusing on the negative – the removal of all things bad.

This is why most of my programs revolve around “Assignments.”

But that’s not enough.

You can’t solely focus on the addition of foods, or activities, to remove your unwanted flubber.

Some focus must be spent on the removal of junk.

You must throw certain things in hell’s trashcan, somewhere it will never return, because even the Devil himself wants nothing to do with it.  I’m looking at you Twinkies.

Still not talking simplicity am I?


Let’s go back to the addition thing and see if that helps…

If you focus on ADDING certain foods, and eating them FIRST, then you’ll accomplish 80% of your goals (totally made up number, as an ode to this article).

For instance, if you focus on adding blueberries and raspberries to your breakfast, then instinctively you’ll remove other stuff, right?

If you decide you’re going to add blueberries and raspberries to your breakfast by mixing them with some all-natural yogurt, or Greek yogurt, you are far, far less likely to eat junk for breakfast.

If you decide you are going to start having a snack in the middle of your morning because you know this will help you make better lunch decisions, and you decide your snack is going to be a small handful of almonds and an apple, then you probably won’t indulge on the junky snacks or let your stomach do the talking come lunch time.


Of course I’m right.

Let’s take it a bit farther and throw in some exercise.

bodyweight workout programI know, deep down in my heart of hearts, that many don’t exercise on a regular basis because they simply don’t have the energy.

They have full days, and don’t want to devote any of their leftover energy to a workout because they think that will rob them of what little energy they have left (they’re wrong, but hey I get it).

Your natural energy levels would skyrocket if you followed those two simple tips I shared with you earlier, and subsequently cut out some of the junky stuff in the first part of your day, or just focused on having something.  Also, when I say ‘naturally’, I mean without the use of stimulants like coffee, soda, energy drinks, or crack.

If your energy levels go up, you feel better, and maybe, just maybe will do one of those fancy pants workouts I’m always sharing with you (like this one, this one, or this one).

See how this is working?

Now, let’s also go to the flip side, and talk about food removal.

Losing weight isn’t all sunshine and gumdrops and can’t only be solved by adding good things, despite what I just told you.

It can be really hard, and in truth is usually pretty damn hard, but also alarmingly simple.

Certain foods, and entire grocery store sections, must be avoided.

Impulse items that call your name while standing in line at the grocery store or Target (damn Rolo’s).

Snack foods, 100-calorie snack packs, mini-cheats, being careful with sauces and dressings, and most grains, and a few other things, should be avoided as much as possible – the more you get rid of, the quicker the weight will come off…and the happier you’ll be.

One thing in particular should be noted in that list – Mini-Cheats.

In my studio that’s the number one killer, or flab-adder.  Mindless eating throughout the day, or indulging because “you had a tough day,” or “had a good day,” are some of the biggest pitfalls of weight loss.

Beware the mini-cheats because they add up quickly and are deadly.

Here’s what you should do now…

First, figure out 3 or 4 foods you can ADD to your every day life.  These obviously have to be real foods – different types of berries, vegetables, even a homemade protein bar.  Think about which healthy foods you enjoy most and make it a point to have them every day, preferably multiple times per day.

Once this becomes habit, add a few more.

Mine are blueberries, broccoli, almonds, all-natural peanut butter, spinach, and I recently added coconut milk to the list.  I obviously eat more than that, but those are the ones that I eat most days of the week.

These should be energy adding foods.  Foods that make you feel GREAT, that satisfy your appetite, and help you make good eating decisions.

Next, take a good look at your regular routine and look at 1 or 2 things that can be cut IMMEDIATELY.

They may be foods or behaviors.

Maybe you have a nasty habit of eating a bowl of cereal every night before bed because it’s relaxing.  Cut it out because it’s making you fat.

Maybe you have a habit of eating 2 cookies every day at 2pm.  Cut it down to once or twice per week.

Maybe you rely too heavily on fast food.  Plan ahead and make a simple meal that can be taken with you to eat in the car, or at your desk (that’s not smelly…this is very important!).

You must be honest with yourself and you should keep a food journal for a week to uncover any hidden eating habits.

Those two things will go a long way in helping you not only lose that stubborn weight, but build a healthy lifestyle; an energy-producing lifestyle that makes you feel ALIVE and that gives you the ability to have awesome workouts, sleep well and wake up with an abundance of energy.


Now get to work.

Talk soon!


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