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How The One Spot Theory Can Get Rid Of Your Stubborn Fat


Quick question…

Have you ever tried to write an article while your kids bury you in Lego’s?


I don’t recommend it, because that’s what’s happening to me right now.

Anyway, I have another one of my fancy pants theories about weight loss, and this one revolves around just one teeny, tiny thing…

Let’s call this the “One Spot” theory.

One of key points in teaching someone how to squat is getting them to focus on One Spot on the wall that’s about eye-level and telling them to keep their eyes there throughout the entire set…

… As they squat down, their eyes stay focused on that One Spot on the wall.  As they rise up, their eyes stay focused on that One Spot.

One of the major flaws in squatting is allowing the chest to fall forward as they squat, or lowering their head.   Doing this is one of the easiest ways to get them to keep their chest up and out and head up.

The same trick works for Lunges.

It even works for upper body movements like Shoulder Presses, Rows, and the more I think about it, this small trick can be applied to pretty much every exercise.

It’s all about focus. 

It’s a small trick that keeps your body where it should, and your focus where it belongs – on the task at hand.

The cool thing is this One Spot theory can apply to your goals as a whole.


Well, I’m glad you asked!

A common reason people struggle, and all out fail, in their health and fitness goals is attempting to do too many things at once.

You want to stick to an intense new workout program, while also cutting out ALL bad foods, flooding your body with awesome foods, sleeping more, giving up every bad habit, have bigger shoulders, a smaller waist, more defined arms, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of goals.  All it means is you really want to improve your life and lifestyle, and that’s pretty awesome.

The problem is in trying to do too much at once.

That’s where the One Spot theory comes in.

I’m going to create two fake clients in an effort to set this out for you…

man-exercisingOur first client is Brad.

Brad wants to lose 30 pounds.  He also wants a smaller waist, stronger midsection and more definition in his arms and shoulders.

His eating isn’t horrible.  He knows he eats poorly, but he isn’t the kind of person who uses his mouth as a vacuum.  Brad’s real problem is he’s a lazy turd.

He sits all day at work, then comes home and sits some more, and then goes to bed.  Playing with his kids in the backyard makes him sore.

His torso is flabby and soft.  He has man-boobs.  Everything jiggles when he jumps up and down in front of the mirror.

What should Brad do?

What should his One Spot be?

Hopefully I laid that out thick enough that you can see his One Spot should be his activity level.

He has a decent diet, but it could certainly be better, and he’s okay with it.

The One thing he needs to focus on, with 150% focus, is his workout.  He should only worry about creating a new habit; the habit of being intensely active every day.

He shouldn’t try to shove it all in. He doesn’t need to run to and from work and do an intense boot camp every evening, but he MUST move intensely every day for 20-30 minutes.

That is his sole responsibility for the next month.

diet questionNext up we have Wendy.

Wendy is a married mother of 3.  She put on weight with each kid and has since taken up running.  She loves running, and she’s one of the few people who’s body actually enjoys it too.

She saw great success in the first couple months of running – losing 15 pounds – but since then it stalled.  So she took up resistance training 2 or 3 days per week while cutting her running back to 3 or 4 days.

She loves pushing her body and loves the feelings she gets when doing it.

Her legs are strong and toned, her butt’s looking better she doesn’t have the “batwing” arms she used to have.

She hates the way her torso looks.  She flat out refuses to wear a two-piece swimsuit because her stomach is loose and flabby and she has a muffin top.

So what’s Wendy’s problem?

She’s a grazer.

She has 3 kids and is always going to and from the grocery store and preparing meals and snacks.

She thinks nothing of grabbing food off the kids’ plates, or grabbing bites of the snacks she’s making.

She’s doing it mindlessly.

She doesn’t splurge with her own eating, because she knows she needs to pay attention to her own meals and snacks if she wants to get rid of her “mommy weight,” but she doesn’t even consider all that she’s eating while grazing throughout the day.

Cutting that out should be her One Spot.

Easy enough, right?

Those two things are plain as day in the stories I just shared.  Brad’s a lazy turd and Wendy grazes constantly.

I’ve known very few people who aren’t pretty good at either workouts or eating.  Most have one down pretty well and just need some direction, but the other side of that coin is where the problems lie.

The real kicker is people usually try to BLOW UP what they’re good at in order to fix the areas where they suck.

If Brad didn’t recognize what he was good at (eating) and figure out his weakness (workouts) he probably would’ve picked a program that forced him to do something he didn’t like in the diet department and worked him like hell in the workout.  More than likely he would’ve quit and gone back to his old ways.

If Wendy didn’t recognize that she enjoyed her workout plan, but that she was horrible with the grazing, she probably would’ve picked a program that completely changed her way of eating and workout life, and she too would have quit.

The reason so many people fail is they try to do too much at one time, rather than focusing on improving one thing.

So how does this apply to you?

Figure out your One Spot, while also figuring out what you’re good with, or at least don’t need much improvement in.

Maybe you’re like Brad and need to create a new workout habit because your current idea of being active is parking farther from the door at Target so you have to walk an extra 100 feet.

Maybe you’re more like Wendy and are pretty active already, and just need to figure out what’s up with your diet.  Maybe you’re a grazer like Wendy, or maybe you eat a horrible lunch every day while eating every meal poorly on the weekend.

That’s a simple fix.

Much of this whole “weight loss” thing is a series of simple fixes…

… Not always easy, but simple.

Your job is to figure out your biggest One Thing, and work like hell to turn it into a strength.

If Brad put the next 4 weeks into intense focus on his workouts, and that’s his One thing, he will be a workout warrior.

If Wendy put the next 4 weeks into intense focus on her grazing, and paying closer attention her eating schedule, she will drop a ton of flabby fat, and probably learn quite a bit more about the connection she has with stress and eating.

Both Brad and Wendy have other aspects of their lives that need improved upon, but they’re not worrying about them until their first “One Spot” is improved upon.

Make sense?

Cool!  Now get to work.

Talk soon!


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