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How Much Photoshopping and Retouching Happens In Magazines?

Do you really think all those pictures in magazines or on some websites are legit?

Do they photoshop and re-touch those photos before putting them in the mags?

If so, how much?

Maybe a little like clearing up some blemishes and fixing lighting.

Or maybe a lot like stripping a couple inches off your waist, carving in some abs, shrinking the thighs, etc.

It all depends actually, but to think that those pictures you’re seeing in the magazines aren’t retouched and photoshopped is ridiculous.

I found this awesome video made by where they had a photographer and re-toucher take some pictures of a woman in a bikini and re-touch those images.  It’s kinda freaky when you think about it.

I always knew they did such things, but never knew it was to such an extent.

Watch and be amazed, pissed off and maybe feel a little better knowing that those models and celebrities aren’t as hot or physically perfect as they appear.

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