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How Does Food Change Your Mood?

How was your weekend?

Mine was spent eating way too much.

Too much food in general, but also too many sweets.

Andrea’s birthday was Friday and my daughter Maren’s 2nd birthday was Saturday, so we ate a lot of cake and ice cream over the week in addition to it being the biggest eating holiday of the year.

Did we have to?


Did I?


Did it taste good?

Of course.

Do I regret it?

Kind of.

I’m not one of those freaky personal trainers who tells you that you can’t live a little and enjoy things you love to enjoy, but there is a point where too much is just too much.

If I continued last week into this week I’d gain a couple pounds of fat, if not more, but since I stopped it over the weekend and am now back to my healthy eating habits 90% of the time I’ll be fine.

The important thing for me is how I felt after I ate so horribly.

Once you get to the point where you eat healthy, nutritious, fat fighting foods the majority of the time and limit your cheating, you will begin to feel very, very good.

Your energy levels will be through the roof and you’ll feel like you’re walking on air.

Your mood will be lifted, your skin will look better and younger and you’ll just feel really  good.

A lot of people don’t believe me until they’ve actually gone through and changed their eating habits.

They don’t see how eating healthier foods can make them feel better, but it’s true.

It’s even more true if you are performing fat loss workouts regularly.

When you exercise you beat your body up and tear down your muscle tissue and the way you eat affects how your body repairs itself.

Eat well and your body does a fantastic job of repairing all the muscle tissue and burning more fat.

Eat poorly and your body doesn’t repair itself as well which will leave you feeling sore a lot longer than usual, you’ll feel tired and run down and you won’t feel like continuing on with your workouts.

I could go into the geeky science stuff behind all the vitamins, minerals and how they affect your mood as well as how artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and too much sugar can adversely affect your mood, but that’s just way too boring.

But trust me, the way you eat affects the way you feel and your mood in a big, big way.

It’s OK to splurge every now and again, but keep it to a minimum and swap your unhealthy foods for lots of fruits, green veggies, lean sources of protein and whole-grain carbs.

Swap the donuts and bagels for an apple and almonds.

Swap the drive-thru for a lettuce salad with chicken breast, and veggies.

Eat a healthy snack in the afternoon when you regularly let your stomach grumble.

Get rid of the soda (regular or diet) and stick to water.

Start by taking a few small steps every day and week and you will be feeling much better in a very short period of time.

Have a good day!


P.S. – Have you ever heard of Captain Fat Blaster?  He’s a close buddy of The Fit Dad and he’s got something he’s got some great fat burning workouts for you but you’re going to have to wait for a few days.  What can I say…he’s a prima donna and doesn’t want to come out until he’s good and ready.

But be watching…you won’t regret it!

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