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Hotel Room Body Weight Workouts

Right this instant, I’m sitting in a small conference room in the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

I’m at a meeting with some other fitness pros from around the US and Canada. Crazy Canadians.

We’re learning and having a good time hanging out with one another, but my workouts always suffer when I’m away from home.

My diet really suffers, even though I’m around a small group of fitness pros.  It’s not bad, just not as tight as it is when I’m home.

Another reason my workouts suffer is because I refuse to pay to use the gyms in hotels.  Most are useless and junky, even if it’s a really nice hotel.

Plus it’s just one of those things I don’t like doing.  Weird?  Maybe, but it’s turned into one of those things I don’t do on principle.  Hotels nickel and dime you to death anymore and it’s annoying.

Do I sound bitter?

Anyway, back to my real reason for talking to you.

Hotel room workouts.

Since I don’t like using the hotel gyms, I do my workouts in the room.  Body-weight workouts, obviously since carrying weights with me would probably put me over the weight limit on the flight, plus make me unpopular when the overhead compartment would come tumbling down.

I wasn’t feeling very creative, so I just pulled up my YouTube page and wrote a couple of those body-weight workouts, plus one of the fast abs workouts down and did them each a few times.

Total workout time each day was anywhere from 10-20 minutes, depending on the day and how I was feeling.  I also did some stretching afterward because my hips and shoulders are so tight from sitting too much.

The body-weight workout and abs workout are below:

I had to substitute in Mountain Climbers for the Jack Knife in the first video, since I don’t have a stability ball with me here in the hotel.

If you have any questions, let me know by commenting below.  I love answerin me some questions.

Talk to you soon!

The Fit Dad

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    mam oh man oh man . . .i tried th spider man push-ups & those are killers butt unbelivably effective!!! my rear end is sooo sore i can hardly walk!!!! lov lov lov that workout!!! thanks, becca xo 🙂

  • The Fit Dad

    That’s awesome!

    I love the spiderman push-ups. You should try them on a decline with your feet on a bench. Those are awesome!

    I have to say that I am pretty pleased that your booty is sore from the workout. That makes a trainer smile.

  • Jess

    Hey, I came to look at the videos, but it says that they are unavailable! Could you put them back up please?? Thanks!

  • The Fit Dad

    Hi Jess,

    I don’t know what the problem would be. They show up fine in my browser.

    Anyway, here are the links that will take you to the YouTube site with the videos.

    10 Minute Workout:

    Abs video:

    Hopefully you’ll be able to view them now and give them a try.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • patricia

    Hey I watched these videos and I would do the squats but the others would be of no use as I am not strong enough in the upper body. Don’t forget we are women and the planks are extremely difficult

  • The Fit Dad

    Hi Patricia,
    The other exercises are a little more advanced, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the workout. You can substitute regular or kneeling push-ups for the spiderman push-ups and replace the jack knife with mountain climbers (which is what I did in my hotel room).

    And just because you’re a lady doesn’t mean you can’t do a more difficult variation of an exercise. You’re selling yourself short if you believe that. The majority of my training clients are women and I’m not easy on them and don’t hold anything back just because I think they may not be strong enough.

    You’ve got to challenge yourself in every workout if you want to excel and achieve results. Everybody starts somewhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t progress and get stronger and get to the point where you can do more difficult push-up variations.

    Becca did the spiderman push-ups and she’s a lady.


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